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Emmerdale fans divided by Tracy Metcalfe’s relationship with Nate Robinson

Does she deserve better or are they a good match?

Viewers of Emmerdale stand divided over Tracy Metcalfe’s romantic relationship with Nate Robinson.

Tracy and Nate have grown closer in recent weeks and have agreed to become ‘exclusive’ as a couple, despite some disapproval from Nate’s mum Cara – and soap fans.

nate tracy emmerdale
Tracy and Nate had a one-night-stand when he first arrived in the village (Credit: ITV)

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Nate is far from popular in the village after his affair with Moira Dingle, but he seems intent on staying and trying to have a functioning relationship with his dad Cain Dingle.

Jeez, this is a grim choice of men for Tracy. Nate or David? It’s a hard pass on both. She deserves better. 

In an interview this week with Digital Spy, actress Amy Walsh spoke about her character’s romance with Nate for the first time.

She said: “I hope she finds some happiness. I hope she finds someone who loves her the way she deserves to be loved.”

nate tracy emmerdale
Is Nate ‘The One’ for Tracy? (Credit: ITV)

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She continued: “It’s tricky with Nate, because obviously he’s got this reputation after what he did to Moira and Cain.

“I hope this new relationship with Tracy enables us to see the real side of Nate, because he’s just damaged from his childhood.

“Nate does have goodness and I hope they fall in love. I don’t know what’s to come, but it’s going in the right direction for it to be a strong relationship, so it’s great.”

nate tracy emmerdale
Well they certainly LOOK good together… (Credit: ITV)

But some of those watching from home think Nate isn’t good enough for Tracy, with others even saying the ITV soap has ruined Tracy’s character.

Writing on Twitter, one fan said: “Jeez, this is a grim choice of men for Tracy. Nate or David? It’s a hard pass on both. She deserves better. #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “Tracy can do a lot better than Nate.”

A third added: “I’m sad because now I’m mostly tuning out of Tracy’s scenes because of Nate and I’m not remotely interested in him.

“Tracy is one of my fave characters… Can’t wait for them to split up #Emmerdale #Tracy #Nate.”

Why am I sat here wondering when Tracy and David will reunite? Her and Nate just don’t do it for me to be honest,” admitted another.

And one more said: “Are Emmerdale forcing Nate/Tracy down our throats in an effort to get us to like him? Because it’s not working. Tracy you can do better, babes.”

However some claim to have “warmed” to the coupling, with one saying: “You know what… I’ve warmed to Tracy and Nate, a bit, and I don’t mind his scenes with Sam either. But then they throw Cain into the mix and my interest just evaporates.

“And it is Cain I don’t care about, weirdly, even after what Nate did, I still like Cain the least #Emmerdale.”

A second added: “Really enjoying the Tracy and Nate relationship too. Can’t wait until the next episode.”

A third agreed, typing: “Tracy and Nate are adorable.”

“Awww Nate and Tracy are cute,” said another, and one more said: “Tracy and Nate work well together.”

This week, Nate’s mum Cara was left unimpressed with Nate’s choice in women and made a dig about his new girlfriend Tracy.

Cain stood up for Tracy and soon Cara will try to make amends and build bridges with Nate and Tracy.

But it doesn’t last long as Cara announces she’s leaving the village and wants Nate to come with her. Will he leave?

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