Emmerdale SPOILERS: Nate leaves the village?

Will Cara get her way?

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Next week’s Emmerdale sees Cara Robinson trying to persuade her son, Nate, to leave the village once again, but will it work?

Ever since Cara returned after Nate was accidentally shot by Cain, she has been more determined than ever that her boy needs to leave the village, and the Dingles, as far behind as possible.

Emmerdale fans want Nate Robinson to DIE after Cain Dingle shoots him
Cain shot Nate thinking he was a farm rustler (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale viewers watched in horror as Cain recently shot his own son whilst trying to protect soon-to-be ex wife Moira Dingle from farm rustlers.

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Cain thought he was saving Moira’s life from certain danger, but instead of shooting a rustler, it was Nate who was lurking in the barn and was soon being rushed to hospital for life-saving surgery to remove a bullet from his abdomen.

Emmerdale fans want Nate Robinson to DIE after Cain Dingle shoots him
Nate was rushed to hospital after being shot in the abdomen (Credit: ITV)

It wasn’t long before Cara was at her son’s side, blaming Cain for the shooting, despite the fact she’d heard Moira and Cain both telling the police that it was rustlers who shot Nate, and no one else.

Even when Nate woke up and lied to the police that he didn’t see who shot him, Cara still wouldn’t believe anything that was being said, and next week sees her continuing to try to get her son to leave the village with her.

But before she leaves, Cara takes an instant dislike to Nate’s new flame Tracy Metcalfe, and the pair are soon at war over Nate and his best interests.

Emmerdale fans want Nate Robinson to DIE after Cain Dingle shoots him
Cain was horrified that he’s shot his own son (Credit: ITV)

Tracy is hurt when Cara makes a dig at her, but Nate soon puts his mum in her place when he suggests that she is judging Tracy just like the Dingle family judged her years ago.

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It’s only when Cain delivers some home truths to Cara that she really starts to listen and decides to let her son make his own mind up about Tracy.

Cara and Tracy clash next week, but Will Nate leave the village with his mum? (Credit: ITV)

However, her resolution to make amends with her son and build bridges with Tracy doesn’t last long, because despite her apologies to Tracy, she soon drops the bombshell that she is leaving Emmerdale and wants Nate to join her.

Tracy’s alarmed her boyfriend could be leaving her just as things were looking up.

We know Cara is leaving, but how about Nate?

With his romance with Tracy getting more serious and his relationship with Cain finally on the mend, will Nate really leave the village?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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