Emmerdale viewers in tears as Dingle family read their letters from Lisa Dingle

Lisa left letters for her family members to be opened after her funeral

After last night’s episode of Emmerdale (June 6 2019) viewers were left heartbroken as members of the Dingle family read out their letters from Lisa Dingle, who sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago.

In last night’s episode, viewers saw the funeral for Lisa.

Her daughter Belle read out a poem she had written for her mum and her niece Charity read out a eulogy.

Belle read out a poem for her mum (Credit: ITV hub)

Lisa had a couple of surprises left in store for her family and friends.

The first was a pig race and the second was letters to some of her family members including Belle, husband Zak, stepsons Sam and Cain and Debbie, Charity, Chas and Marlon.

Lisa left letters for her family (Credit: ITV hub)

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With each letter she wrote a message to each person which were read out in a voice over by Jane Cox, who played Lisa.

Viewers were left in tears as the letters were read out.

Lisa’s letter had a powerful effect on her family, especially Debbie and her father Cain.

The pair, who have been arguing for months, both received a letter from Lisa.

In her letter to Debbie, Lisa wrote: “The trouble is, you and your dad are just the same… stubborn. You always were. If I was there I’d bang your heads together.

“Try to forgive him and make up, please, and I mean make up properly. Get your dad back Debbie.”

Lisa wrote to Cain: “Debbie needs you whatever she says. You’re her dad! Please never give up on her. Even when she keeps pushing you away, don’t give up.

“It’s family, it’s love, they’re the only things that matter really. Everything else is just a waste of time and none of us have time to waste.

“It’s later than you think, Cain.”

Now, we aren’t sure what that last line means. A cryptic hint about things to come, perhaps.

Lisa’s words brought Debbie and Cain together (Credit: ITV hub)

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As his letter was read out, Cain could be seen approaching his daughter and the pair hugged.

Viewers were moved that Lisa’s letter got the father and daughter to put their feud behind them.

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm

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