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Emmerdale viewers baffled by big mistake in Jacob storyline

He celebrated his 16th birthday this week...

Emmerdale fans found themselves scratching their heads in confusion last night, when they noticed a rather strange mistake surrounding Jacob Gallagher’s 16th birthday.

On Thursday (28 February), he celebrated coming of age with a ‘pop and pizza’ party at the cafe, and the evening was fraught with tension as he downed vodka and threatened to expose his affair with teacher Maya Stepney.

Jacob 16 Emmerdale
Jacob was on a mission to get smashed (Credit: ITV)

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Just as he looked set to blurt out the horrible truth about what was bothering him, the inebriated schoolboy blurted out something else instead – the contents of his stomach all over the floor.

But that wasn’t what had the viewers complaining.

In fact, they had a problem with the fact it was his birthday at all!

Jacob 16 Emmerdale
Jacob’s friends turned up to celebrate his big day (Credit: ITV)

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Soap fans were quick to point out that Jacob’s birthday was previously on 31 March!

Jacob was born on 31 March in 2003, meaning that he’ll be 16 a whole month later.

One fan said: “I thought Jacob’s birthday was the 31st of March? Maybe I dreamt it?”



Another wrote: “Can we have some consistency for character’s birthdays #emmerdale. Chas’ birthday is 23rd Feb, but suddenly it was 22nd this year. And now Jacob is celebrating his 16th when he was born on 31st March!!”

A third angry fan typed: “Mmmmm has Jacob got two birthdays ? I could have sworn it was March… Explain please.”

“Have we solved the mystery of why Jacob is celebrating his birthday a month early?” asked another.

One fan claimed the birthday had been moved just to fit in with the storyline, and blasted the soap for the inconsistencies.

Jacob 16 Emmerdale
Is Jacob like the Queen with two birthdays? (Credit: ITV)

They wrote: “This show is an absolute mess. Awful storylines with some tedious fillers thrown in too. Lots of inconsistencies (Jacob’s birthday isn’t until end of March!) – waaayyy too many ‘because the plot says so’ moments. Worst qualities for a soap alone, never mind together.”

Jacob was disappointed that he didn’t get the ‘birthday present’ from Maya he’d been promised – for her to take his virginity.

But after a kiss – we hope he brushed his teeth after vomiting – she promised him it would happen soon.

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