Emmerdale reveals what happens to Jacob after Maya’s arrest

The teacher will finally be banged up for her crimes next week

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Next week will finally (finally) see Emmerdale‘s Maya Stepney get her comeuppance following her grooming of teen Jacob Gallagher.

The evil teacher will be arrested for her crimes after David tricks her into meeting up and brings the police with him.

And now the show has revealed what will happen to Jacob after his illegal lover gets carted away – and it’s not the end of the plot.

Jacob, Leyla and David will have to find a way to move forward (Credit: ITV)

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Speaking to Inside Soap magazine, an Emmerdale spokesperson said: “Viewers will have to wait to see what becomes of Maya, as there are still lots of twists and turns.”

They went on to add: “As for David, Leyla, and Jacob, it’s the start of a long and new journey with regards to parenting, and how they convince Jacob that he has been manipulated.”

Jacob thinks he’s in love with Maya and that they are in a real relationship, so it’s fair to say he won’t be able to switch off his feelings that easily.

Can David convince him what Maya’s been doing is wrong?

Emmerdale SPOILER: Paedo Maya turns on Jacob next week
David needs to step up (Credit: ITV)

Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David, explained to Digital Spy that the storyline is far from over.

He revealed: “This is the start of the hard times for David and Jacob. The fact that Maya has been arrested is not the end of the storyline. I think it’s the beginning of the next chapter.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen next, because as far as Jacob thinks, David has ruined his life. I don’t know if he’s ever going to come around to the fact that David hasn’t. It’s definitely not going to be a quick fix.”

Many fans have criticised David’s parenting skills during the course of this storyline as he consistently failed to notice what was going on right underneath his nose.

Emmerdale Jacob Maya hospital
Jacob has been tormented by the grooming and abuse (Credit: ITV)

David has come close to discovering Maya’s sickening grooming behaviour many times, but failed to connect the dots and figure it all out.

He found a hotel booking in Jacob’s room that Maya had made so she could sleep with the 16-year-old, despite being his teacher.

But instead of realising what was going on, David allowed Maya to convince him that she had made the booking for them both.

Fans were furious by David’s ‘thick’ behaviour and called for an end to the storyline.

One said: “David is very oblivious not to see what’s going on between Maya and Jacob. It’s happening under his own roof.”

A second said: “David is a good bloke but really thick!! How come he can’t see the body language between Jake and Maya? Eric has clocked it!!”

Middle-aged Maya has been abusing Jacob for months (Credit: ITV)

A third said: “Are David, Leyla & Tracy really that blind they can’t see Jacob was totally fine til Maya showed up?

“All her one on one personal chats? #Emmerdale”

Some even think Maya decided to target Jacob because David was so ‘thick’.

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One said: “I’m starting to think Maya’s had her eye on Jacob since that dinner they had in the shop.

“She’s been manipulating David as much as she has Jacob.

“Granted not that hard to manipulate David, he’s dumb as dirt, but she’ll have known that.”

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