Faith Pollard Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans spot continuity error as Faith tried to build bridges with Pollard

Did you spot it?

Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle tried to make amends with Eric Pollard in awkward scenes this week – but fans couldn’t help noticing a continuity error.

On Tuesday night (July 9), Faith Dingle seemed to ‘lose’ her clothing – but not in the way she’d have liked!

Faith Pollard Emmerdale
Faith, he’s just not that into you right now (Credit: ITV)

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After ‘accidentally’ kissing Bear Wolf and subsequently getting ditched by boyfriend Eric, the Dingle matriarch arrived at Pollard’s house to build bridges.

Looking her usual glamorous self, she wore a black leather jacket over a colourful blouse.

But viewers noticed that the jacket vanished halfway through the scene!

Faith Pollard Emmerdale
Gotta have Faith… the soap bosses know what they’re doing (Credit: ITV)

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In an embarrassing continuity error for the ITV soap, Faith’s jacket disappeared within the blink of an eye.

After walking in, she sat down on the sofa still wearing the jacket but, in the next frame, it has gone and she was left wearing only her blue and red patterned shirt.

Eagle-eyed viewers wondering if she’d stripped off in record time, couldn’t see the coat anywhere on the sofa either…

Faith Pollard Emmerdale
Maybe Faith just didn’t like the coat that much!? (Credit: ITV)

And she was still clutching her handbag, which she would have HAD to remove to take off her coat.

Minutes later, Faith left the room and a frosty Pollard behind without the jacket she came in with.

Fans were quick to call out the perceived ‘blunder’ on Twitter, with one writing: “Continuity issue. Faith walked in wearing a jacket. Camera angle changed and suddenly jacket vanishes #Emmerdale.”

Another noticed too, typing: “Faith came in with a jacket, sat down with none and left with none #Emmerdale.”

A third said: “Emmerdale. Can someone please tell me where Faith’s leather jacket went? Walked into Eric’s house with it on, sat down and it was gone!?”

“Awful continuity,” typed another, “when Faith comes into Eric’s with a leather jacket on. Sits down and it disappears and leaves without it.”

Note to Emmerdale producers – you can’t get anything past your fans!

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