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Emmerdale fans disgusted as Maya makes dirty comments to Jacob at family dinner

She made a series of suggestive comments to her young abuse victim...

Just when you thought Maya’s behaviour couldn’t get any more inappropriate, she has once again managed to enrage Emmerdale fans with her predatory actions.

On Wednesday (20 March), Maya sat across a table from abuse victim Jacob and made a series of thinly-veiled smutty remarks directed at him.

How is nobody noticing this??? (Credit: ITV)

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But this wasn’t an intimate affair, this was in front of the whole family – cringe alert!

Paedophile teacher Maya sat down to dinner next to her schoolboy victim Jacob, as well as David, Leyla and Eric.

She’d already been dropping in some apparent innuendos as they discussed how hard the lad was working earlier.

Maya Emmerdale
Double yuckity yuck (Credit: ITV)

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Talking about Jacob’s schoolwork and staring straight at him intently, Maya said: “He’s working so hard. I’ll see you after class for your next session.”

David then revealed Maya had “been keeping Jacob up all night” as she preps him for his impending exams.

Viewers watched from behind their hands as there was talk about Jacob “smashing it” and being “pushed too hard”.

Jacob looked uncomfortable as conversation heated up (Credit: ITV)

Smirking all the way, Maya clearly seemed to be enjoying the innuendos that only Jacob understood.

She went on to say: “You may think that I’m pushing him hard, but I know he can take it.”

Viewers felt extremely uncomfortable with the exchange, with one writing: “No one sat round that table could see Maya’s blatant obsession with Jake? #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “How much more innuendo can Maya get into tonight’s episode???”

A third said: “Leyla, Eric, or Tracy hopefully will expose the Maya truth. Maya and Jacob could have sex right in front of David and he still wouldn’t figure it out #emmerdale.”

“Yes Maya he’s working hard with you, cheek of her!” exclaimed another.

Many more begged for the storyline to end, and demanded Maya’s demise.

Maya loves being in the spotlight
Maya loves being in the spotlight (Credit: ITV)

This week, Matthew Wolfenden – who plays oblivious David – defended the storyline, claiming it’s supposed to be uncomfortable to watch.

The soap has been advised by children’s charity Barnados, and producer Kate Brooks has reassured fans that Maya will face justice.

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