Laurel Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans slate Laurel’s outfit as a “crime against fashion”

Harsh, but fair?

Laurel Thomas’s blouse threatened to steal the show last night, as Emmerdale fans were totally mesmerised by it – and not necessarily in a good way…

On Tuesday (March 19), Laurel had a heart to heart with Nicola King, as the latter discussed her desire to run for local council.

Emmerdale Laurel blouse
Never mind Nicola’s bright red hair, it was Laurel’s blouse that garnered attention (Credit: ITV)

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But it was Laurel’s “Victorian” style top that could have won an NTA for “Best Scene-Stealing Moment”.

Sorry Laurel, the viewers just weren’t into you, or your outfit choice at least.

The character was seen wearing a high-necked white blouse, with lace detail and a green ribbon around the collar, which was tied in a bow.

Emmerdale Laurel blouse
Hit or miss? What do you think? (Credit: ITV)

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We have to admit, the twee shirt DID look a little like something out of a Dickens novel!

Fans showed their disapproval via Twitter, with one saying: “What on earth is Laurel wearing? That blouse looks like she’s from Little House On The Prairie! #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “Laurel’s top is a crime against fashion. Honestly #Emmerdale.”

A third said: “I’ve never seen anything quite like the top Laurel was wearing.”

“Why is Laurel dressed like Mary Poppins?” asked another, while one more asked if Laurel was “going for a part in The Handmaid’s Tale?”

However, one lone voice in the wilderness said: “Where does Emmerdale buy Laurel’s clothes from as I love them  @emmerdale #Emmerdale.”

Sadly, Emmerdale did not respond to the tweet. Or perhaps they assumed she was joking?

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