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Emmerdale: Will Jamie die after crashing his car into a lake?

Is Jamie going to be okay?

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Tonight’s Emmerdale episode (Thursday, September 23) ended with Jamie accidentally crashing his car into a lake, but will Jamie die?

In tonight’s double bill, Gabby gave Jamie a now-or-never ultimatum. She wanted them to go off and elope.

However Jamie went off and went to see his ex-girlfriend Dawn. Jamie tried to persuade her to leave the village with him and start a new life together.

Gabby wanted to marry Jamie (Credit: ITV)

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When Jamie explained that Gabby wanted him to get married to her, Dawn told him he needed to tell her that he didn’t want to be with her as Gabby is clearly in love with him.

Meanwhile Diane went to see Gabby and found out she and Jamie were planning to get married.

Diane tried to stop Gabby but she was determined.

Jamie tried to convince Dawn to leave with her (Credit: ITV)

Soon Gabby left Home Farm with her bags and tried to contact Jamie, telling him to meet her in the layby outside the village.

As Gabby waited, Diane told Kim about their plan and they set off to find her.

Emmerdale: Jamie crashes into a lake

Jamie told Gabby he was on his way, however as Gabby waited, Diane and Kim turned up.

Diane tried to convince Gabby not to marry a man who doesn’t love her, but Gabby believed Jamie would fall in love with her eventually.

Kim told Gabby that Jamie wasn’t coming and she was determined to prove her and Diane wrong, so she rang Jamie again as he was driving.

However as Jamie was distracted he went onto the wrong side of the road and nearly collided with Chas.

Gabby tried to call Jamie (Credit: ITV)

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He swerved to avoid her and ended up going off the road, breaking through a fence and plunging into a lake.

As his car began to sink, there was no sign of Jamie escaping the car. Will he die?

Emmerdale: Will he die?

It hasn’t been revealed if Jamie will survive. The only person who could have witnessed him going off the road is Chas.

Will she be able to help him?

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