Emmerdale who did Belle call?

Emmerdale: Who did Belle call? Fans think she will turn on Jamie

Is she betraying her lover or seeking help?

Emmerdale fans have been left wondering who Belle called in last night’s episode (Monday, September 21).

Currently Belle is in a relationship with Jamie Tate. However she knows he is responsible for the hit and run which nearly killed her sister-in-law, Moira.

Who did Belle call in Emmerdale? (Credit: ITV)

Although the Dingle family don’t know what Jamie did, they’re still unhappy with Belle and Jamie being together after the way he treated her in the past.

In the visit to the Dales, Belle ended up snapping at Jamie after he had a go at her brother Sam for messing up an order at HOP.

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Meanwhile, Andrea started to realise she was lucky to get away from Jamie and tried to make Belle see he wasn’t worth losing her family over.

Although Belle seems to be sticking with Jamie, she went on to make a cryptic phone call.

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As Jamie left the room she pulled out her phone and called an unknown person. She said: “Hey it’s me. I really need to speak to you.”

But who was she calling? Fans have already come up with some ideas as to who Belle was on the phone to.

Belle has been hiding Jamie’s dreadful secret (Credit: ITV)

Did Belle call Cain Dingle?

Some fans think Belle has called Cain in order to tell him that Jamie was behind the hit and run.

One fan even hoped Belle and Cain would team up together to take down Jamie.

Or was it Moira Dingle?

Others think that Belle could have contacted Moira to tell her the truth.


Or did Belle call Kim Tate?

One fan suggested that perhaps Belle called Kim.

Currently Kim is off-screen, but if Belle is starting to worry about Jamie’s secret coming out, it would make sense for her to contact Jamie’s mum.

Jamie’s mum Kim previously helped dispose of evidence linking Jamie to the hit and run. Is Belle calling for her to come home and help?

Andrea tells Moira the truth (Credit: ITV)

What’s next for Jamie and Belle?

Later this week, Andrea lets slip to Moira that Jamie is dangerous. Although Moira presses for more, Andrea backtracks but this leaves Moira suspicious.

Later Jamie lets Andrea seem Millie and apologises. At the vets surgery he brags about winning Andrea around and how she fell for his lies.

But his victory is short-lived as Andrea overheard everything and heads off to see Moira, telling her how Andrea ran her over and left her for dead.

Cain comes after Belle and Jamie (Credit: ITV)

Cain confronts Belle

Moira confronts Belle who plays dumb but both Moira and Cain are convinced she’s lying.

When Nate arrives at Butler’s farm Moira tells him the news and how Cain is in pursuit of Jamie and Belle.

Meanwhile Belle returns to Home Farm and tells Jamie that Andrea told Moira his secret.

Although he’s shocked he regains his cool revealing the damaged car parts are at the bottom of the lake, certain there’s no evidence linking him to the crime.

Together they go to check but when they arrive at the lake Jamie declares his love for Belle.

But his smile disappears when he spots a menacing Cain approaching armed with a bar.

Cain confronts them, but Belle has something to say…

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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