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Emmerdale: What’s next as Meena reveals she’s returning to the village for a huge surprise?

Meena is plotting revenge

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Emmerdale character Meena fled the village as her crimes came to light, but it looks like she’s making her way back.

After Liam found out Meena had been holding Manpreet and Vinny captive, he also discovered she murdered three of the villagers, including his daughter Leanna.

Meena fled and got a ride with a truck driver called Tommy.

In tonight’s episode (Thursday, January 17) Liv was released from prison as it turned out police found Meena’s glove with Ben’s blood on it.

Meanwhile Dawn posted a save the date on her socials for her and Billy‘s wedding on Valentine’s Day.

Emmerdale Thu 27 Jan Meena returns when she sees the Save the Date
Meena has a plan (Credit: ITV)

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They were unaware Meena had seen it. She was in a park using Tommy’s phone to look at Dawn’s social media.

Tommy soon came back and he said they would be at the port in an hour. However Meena told him she was going back home as her friend was getting married and she had a big surprise planned.

But what’s next?

Emmerdale: What’s next as Meena reveals she’s returning to the village?

In a recent interview, Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw spilled some details on Billy and Dawn’s wedding and it was hinted Meena could be back to try and ruin things.

She told Entertainment Daily and other media: “Their wedding definitely will happen this year and it will happen on the most romantic day of the year on Valentine’s Day!

“Is it going to be happy ever after for these two or will disaster strike? I suspect it’s probably the latter.”

Emmerdale, Dawn Taylor, Billy Fletcher
Billy and Dawn are getting married soon (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson also revealed there’s more twists and turns to come in Meena’s storyline.

She said: “There are still some more twists and turns to be had in this story, some that you probably won’t see coming.

“But I think we’re all agreed that Meena can pretty much do anything, but yes judgement day is coming.

Judgement day is coming.

“It won’t play out quite as you expect and there will be a lasting effect on a lot of our villagers, but I think within the next few months, Meena will get what’s coming to her shall we say.”

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