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Emmerdale viewers slam ‘useless’ police as Meena holds Manpreet captive

Meena has been holding her sister captive in her own bedroom

Emmerdale viewers have slammed the soap’s police force as they failed to look into Manpreet‘s disappearance and trusting Meena.

Since Manpreet was discharged from hospital, Meena has been holding her captive in Dale View as she started to get closer to the truth.

Meena told her sister about her crimes and planned to kill her too in order to keep her secrets.

Meanwhile Meena told Manpreet’s ex-husband Rishi and ex-fiancée Charles that Manpreet went to stay with her daughter Aiesha in Ibiza.

Meena had Manpreet locked in her room and tied to a bed (Credit: ITV)

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Sensing something was wrong, Rishi contacted Aiesha and was worried when he found out Manpreet wasn’t with her.

Emmerdale viewers slam ‘useless’ police as Meena holds Manpreet captive

Rishi since contacted the police and in last night’s episode (Wednesday, January 5) the police began to investigate Manpreet’s disappearance.

Meena told them she had diverted her trip to a spa hotel in Malaga.

Later in the cafe, Meena agreed to talk to the police and Rishi again.

Meena said she spoke to Manpreet on the phone the night before as she rang from a pre-paid phone.

PC Swirling and Harriet looked into Manpreet’s disappearance (Credit: ITV)

When the police asked her to call Manpreet, Meena rang a number but said no one picked up. However she said if she rang back she would get Manpreet to let the police know she’s safe.

Rishi suggest they check the house and Meena refused without Wendy’s permission. PC Swirling told Rishi to calm down and leave Meena alone.

But when Harriet revealed Wendy will be back very soon, Meena panicked.

However viewers slammed PC Swirling and Emmerdale police calling them “useless” for not investigating Manpreet’s disappearance further.

Back at Dale View, Meena was furious she had to change her plans and later in the dark she dragged a body bag to her car.

Meena then said to the body bag: “I’m sorry sis, I never wanted it to end like this.”

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