Emmerdale SPOILERS: Zak Dingle finally returns to the village – but viewers are furious

The Dingles are taking over the village

Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that Zak Dingle will make his long-awaited return to the ITV soap tomorrow night (January 18) – but fans aren’t very happy about it.

The patriarch of the clan will return from Scotland after granddaughter Debbie decided to stay in the village for good.

He’s set to walk back into the on-going war within the family, with Charity Dingle causing most of the issues.

And, when he walks into a row between them, with Debbie demanding Charity leave her cottage, Zak’s shocked.

Emmerdale Zak Dingle (Credit: ITV)
Emmerdale’s Zak is the patriarch of the family (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Zak to return

It’s not long before he’s making it clear that he’s still the head of the family.

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But while viewers are delighted that Zak is returning, they’re less happy at the number of Dingles in the village.

And with Debbie and Zak’s returns, along with young son Jack and the upcoming comeback of Faith Dingle, viewers have slammed the soap for over-using the family.

Currently almost half the cast are either Dingles – or married into them.

Zak Dingle returns to screens tomorrow night (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans say there are ‘too many Dingles’ as Zak returns

One furious fan wrote: “Just what we need another Dingle coming back.

“What with Debbie and Zak coming back let’s just throw another one of the most revolting family in soaps back in in.

There are far are too many of them now. They are suffocating all other characters.

“It’s so ridiculous this family of thieves, kidnappers, con merchants, you name it they’ve done it and yet they rule Emmerdale it should be know as Dingledale.

“Really I will have to give it a miss now can’t a stand it when one of them are on screen.”

The Dingles make up almost half the cast now Zak Dingle has returned (Credit: ITV)

A second said: “Amazed ITV don’t just create a new show called The Dingles.”

A third said: “There are far are too many of them now. They are suffocating all other characters.”

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A fourth said: “I do think the show has become a little bit too obsessed with the Dingles as a ‘family’ contingent.

“This is not the first time it has happened – back in the late 2000s the show became dominated by them. And, in my opinion, it was to the detriment of the show as a whole.”

A fifth said: “Too many Dingle dangles is one of the main reasons I stopped watching Emmerdale years ago.”

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