Emmerdale: Harriet branded ‘vile’ by fans as she bribes little Lucas

Lucas is Dawn's son

Emmerdale vicar Harriet was branded ‘vile’ by fans as she bribed Lucas in last night’s episodes (Thursday, January 4).

In last night’s double bill of the ITV soap, it was Lucas’s birthday. Harriet was given the task of picking up Dawn’s son and bringing him to the Outdoor Pursuit Centre, so he could have a fun afternoon.

But before she left, she was upset to see Kim and her ex-fiancé Will flirting.

Harriet was upset to see Kim and Will flirting

Later, Dawn and Will became worried when Harriet and Lucas were late coming back.

Eventually she turned up and explained she lost her keys and dropped Lucas off with Ben for his kayaking lesson.

Soon Harriet kicked off and told Dawn that Will and Kim were sleeping together. But it seems Harriet has a secret she’s trying to hide from Dawn.

Later Harriet went and sat with Lucas and asked him to keep what happened in the departments store ‘their little secret’.

Harriet asked Lucas to keep things a secret (Credit: ITV)

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When Lucas asked why, Harriet explained Dawn would be worried if she found out what happened.

Harriet then told Lucas she would go back to the store and buy him the toy tractor he wanted if he kept quiet, and Lucas agreed.

But fans were disgusted as it became apparent Harriet had done something terrible and was bribing Lucas.

Emmerdale spoilers: What happened in the shop with Harriet and Lucas?

In tonight’s episode (Friday, January 15) Dawn is surprised to see Lucas’ social working Eloise is waiting for her. She’s worried that it seems urgent.

Before long, Dawn confronts Harriet about what Eloise has revealed to her – Harriet lost Lucas for an extended period of time the day before while picking him up.

Lucas is taken away (Credit: ITV)

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The situation is being taken very seriously and Eloise queries the viability of their custody of Lucas.

Soon Dawn and Harriet realise things are much worse than they thought. Soon Dawn’s worst nightmare comes true when the police turn up and take her son away.

Will they be able to get him back?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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