Emmerdale SPOILERS: Will offends Mandy with ‘cow’ comment

Pull the udder one!

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Emmerdale spoilers reveal Will gets on the wrong side of Mandy when he makes a ‘cow’ comment towards her in Wednesday’s episode (August 19).

In a preview clip shared on the Emmerdale website, Will and Billy go into the Woolpack for a drink.

As the two men discuss people using the gym, Mandy comes in and goes behind the bar.

Will says nothing beats a country walk and breathing in the fresh air and Mandy quips: “Yeah, there’s nought better than the smell of fresh cow dung is there?”

Will’s bad joke doesn’t go down well will Mandy (Credit: ITV)

But Will makes a bad joke handing her his bottle of beer saying: “Speaking of which, I’ll have an udder.”

As he and Billy are in fits of laughter, Mandy looks unimpressed. But as Will realises his error, he trips over his words trying to say he didn’t mean Mandy was a cow.

The barmaid responded saying: “Do you want another one over your head love?”

Has Will got on the wrong side of Mandy Dingle?

Emmerdale: What’s next for Will and Billy?

While it isn’t a good thing to be on the bad side of a Dingle, it looks like Will and Billy have other issues to deal with.

This week, Malone intimidates Will’s daughter Dawn by saying the testimony against him has been taken as false.

Malone tries to get Dawn to overdose (Credit: ITV)

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Dawn tries to act cool, but when Malone produces a wrap of heroin and syringe from his pocket, she backs away in horror.

Malone pulls a gun on Dawn when she prepares to fight him and recoils in horror as Malone take a menacing step towards her.

Dawn breaks down in tears as Malone tempts her to take her own life by overdosing on heroin.

emmerdale dawn malone
Someone comes to Dawn’s rescue (Credit: ITV)

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Before she can do anything, someone comes to Dawn’s rescue and we see Malone’s body sprawled out across the floor.

Who attacks Malone?

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