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Emmerdale spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures – August 9 – 13

Aaron and Liv fall out

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Juliette drops a bombshell on Jimmy and Nicola.

Meanwhile Aaron throws Liv out and April finds more horrible comments online.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale.

Emmerdale spoilers: Next week

1. Juliette drops a bombshell

Jimmy and Nicola are stunned when Juliette announces her latest bombshell.

Soon Jimmy and Nicola break the news to Carl. They hope they’ve done enough to reassure him he’s safe and wanted.

However the next day they continue to struggle with Carl.

Reluctantly Nicola tells Jimmy he’ll have to move back in, but only for Carl.

Jimmy is hopeful to be back home, but is it short lived?

2. Mandy does her best to keep Liv and Vinny apart

Aaron is sceptical when Liv claims she can stop drinking whenever she wants.

Mandy warns Liv to keep away from Vinny, motivating her to try and quit the booze.

Soon Mandy sneaks Vinny’s phone, intent on keeping them apart.

When Liv can’t call Vinny, Mandy lies that Vinny blocked her number and is taking Belle out for a drink.

Liv sees Belle with Vinny, but when Liv confronts Vinny, they realise Mandy was behind it.

Vinny is furious at his mum, disgusted at her lying and manipulation.

However Liv is heartbroken when Vinny says they can only be friends.

Soon Liv is drunk and makes a mystery call to arrange a date.

3. Aaron throws Liv out

The next day Liv knocks back vodka before she invites Jacob in.

She suggests they watch a film as she drinks more vodka.

Jacob is stunned when Liv suggests they go upstairs and she starts to undress.

However Aaron walks in and after an argument he throws Liv out.

4. Charity doesn’t trust Mack

Charity learns a delivery of smart watches have gone missing.

She is quick to accuse Mackenzie who denies all knowledge.

It soon becomes clear Mack was to blame but Charity has no idea.

When Ryan spots Mack stashing a holdall, he’s suspicious.

Soon Charity is at Tall Trees looking for the watches.

Mack is surprised and relieved when she opens the cupboard and the holdall is no longer there.

Charity knows she’s not getting anywhere as Mack continues to deny having the watches.

After she leaves, Mack starts to look for the watches himself.

5. April goes back on social media

April is thrilled when Marlon gives her back her phone.

She promises not to use social media, but is soon tempted.

Soon Marlon is stressed about affording April the birthday celebration she deserves.

Meanwhile April despairs as she finds more hurtful comments on social media.

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Cathy has a suggestion about how to handle the comments.

But will her suggestion work?

6. Sarah’s on a mission

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Sarah is crushed when she discovers her donor’s family don’t want to speak with her.

Soon Noah discovers Sarah is trying other routes to track down the family of her heart donor.

She pleads with him not to tell Charity. Will Noah keep her secret?

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