Emmerdale spoilers May 24- 28, 2021

Emmerdale spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures

There's a shock return this week

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Lydia is mugged and Gabby vows revenge on Kim.

Meanwhile Bernice makes a shock return to the village and Liv goes looking for her mum.

All this and more coming up in Emmerdale.

Emmerdale spoilers for next week

1. Lydia is mugged

Lydia sees what’s been posted about her online and is heartbroken.

The next day a brick is thrown through the window. Protective Samson is worried about leaving Lydia alone.

He urges her to call the police, but Sam wants to settle things the Dingle way.

Lydia won’t condone violence and goes to go to the police station by herself to report the harassment.

But when she leaves Wishing Well Cottage, she’s robbed by a pair of lads out for revenge over the pension scam.

Samson sees what’s happening. He doesn’t intervene but recognises the lads.

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Sam turns up and chases the lads away. However Samson feels bad he didn’t protect his stepmum.

Back in the house, Sam is furious but puzzled as to why Samson isn’t equally fired-up for revenge.

He’s caught between Sam’s desire for violent revenge and Lydia’s hope for no more trouble.

2. Samson goes after revenge

When Sam takes Lydia to the station to make a report, Samson puts a crowbar in his schoolbag.

He’s after payback for Lydia. But is he going to hurt those lads?

2. Kim takes a shot

When Kim viciously takes her worries out on Gabby, Gabby tells Noah she’s not going to be pushed around much longer.

Kim is thrown when she watched the security footage back from earlier and sees Gabby threatening revenge.

Back at Home Farm Will goes to check on Kim.

But her paranoid state just makes her more suspicious.

She sends Will away and locks the door behind him.

As she sits alone, the drugged brandy has Kim hearing phantom intruders.

She reaches for the shotgun and continues to drink.

The next day an encounter with Dawn and Jamie deepens Kim’s anxiety. But when Dawn hears Jamie threaten revenge on his mum, she’s unsettled that he sounds just like Kim.

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Dawn tells Will she’s at her wits end with Kim. If Will won’t sort her out maybe she’ll be the one to do it.

As Kim sits at Home Farm clutching her shotgun, she is shocked to see an intruder enter Home Farm.

Soon Kim fires her shotgun at the intruder…  But who is it?

4. Bernice returns

Just as Liam is moving on and engaged to Leyla, Bernice returns.

Gabby is thrown to see her mother.

Liam is a bit drunk when he sees Bernice for the first time since she left for Australia and thinks he’s seeing things.

Later Liam convinces Leyla they should marry sooner that expected once their dream venue becomes available.

5. Liv finds her mum

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Liv finds her mum, Sandra, at the caravan park.

Liv’s appalled to find out she’s been back in the UK for a few months and hasn’t made contact.

However she struggles to tell her mum her problems when Sandra produces some booze.

Sandra manages to get a smile from Liv and she downs the vodka she’s poured for her.

As the mother and daughter drunkenly dance, Liv falls to the ground.

But the next day, Liv watches a heartfelt video message from Aaron urging her to come home.

He is worried about Sandra’s negative influence. Will Liv go back to the village?

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