Emmerdale SPOILERS: Nate makes a revelation to Lydia

Nate is taking the blame for the hit and run

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Emmerdale spoilers reveal Nate confides in Lydia over how long he’s facing in prison. But will he tell Tracy the truth?

Nate is taking the blame for the hit and run which nearly killed Moira. However viewers know Jamie Tate is responsible and tried to pin the crime on Nate’s aunt, Belle as revenge for reporting him to the police.

But it appears Nate may get longer in prison than he originally thought.

In next week’s scenes Lydia accompanies Tracy to her scan appointment. She opens up to Lydia that she’s scared Nate will be sent down.

Nate and Tracy decide to hold a gender reveal party (Credit: ITV)

Later, as Nate and Tracy look into the envelope revealing their baby’s gender, they decide to save the moment and hold a gender reveal party instead.

As Tracy heads upstairs, Nate tells Lydia that he could actually be facing two or three years in prison, rather than six months like he originally thought.

A shocked Lydia urges him to tell Tracy the truth. Will he listen to Lydia?

Nate tells Lydia that he could be facing two or three years in prison (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile, Belle is upset over the trouble she’s caused Nate and Tracy and it’s clear she’s hearing Lisa’s voice again.

Will she get the help she needs?

Emmerdale: Cain and Sam get revenge on Jamie?

This week, Lydia tells Sam about a confrontation she had with Jamie and he assures her Jamie will get what’s coming to him.

Soon Cain and Sam are forming a revenge plan. Later they break into Home Farm and have a ‘chat’ with Jamie.

Cain and Sam are forming a revenge plan on Jamie. But will Mackenzie ruin things? (Credit: ITV)

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As Cain reveals their plan to a drunk Jamie, they have no idea Moira’s brother Mackenzie is watching them all.

Listening to Cain, Mackenzie’s interest is piqued and he soon steps out of the shadows.

What will he do? Has Jamie found a new alliance?

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