Emmerdale SPOILERS: Moira leaves the village for good?

Moira begs Cain for forgiveness

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Moira considers leaving the village. But will she really go?

Last year, Moira had an affair with Nate Robison. But unbeknown to Cain and Moira, Nate turned out to be Cain’s son. After finding out the truth Cain and Moira split.

Although the two appeared to get back to a good place, Moira loses hope for them ever reuniting next week.

Moira receives her decree nisi (Credit: ITV)

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In upcoming episodes Moira receives her decree nisi and breaks down to Rhona. She insists to her friend that there’s no salvaging her marriage now.

Meanwhile Chas insists to Cain that he get revenge on Jamie for what he’s put Belle through.

Emmerdale: Moira tries to stop Cain going for revenge

The next day, Cain picks up a length of metal pipe, determined to do what needs to be done.

Sam, aware Cain is set on his plan, runs to Moira and pleads with her to stop Cain from doing something he’ll regret.

Moira confronts Cain in the Dingle barn (Credit: ITV)

Moira confronts Cain in the Dingle barn but she struggles to get through to him. Even as she reminds him what happened with Joe and how he struggled to deal with the guilt, it’s unclear whether her words have touched a nerve.

However, before Cain is given a chance to go through with his revenge plan, both he and Moira are locked in the barn by Mackenzie.

Moira decides to leave the village?

During their time in the barn, Moira begs Cain to forgive her for her affair with Nate.

Moira begs Cain to forgive her (Credit: ITV)

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Could this lead to a reunion or could Moira leave the village for good when Cain reminds Moira that she broke his heart and now their marriage is dead?

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