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Who is Louisa Clein? Emmerdale star who appears in My Family, the Holocaust & Me with Robert Rinder

Louisa joins her musician sister Natalie on a devastating journey of discovery

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Louisa Clein hears the horrible truth about some of her immediate relatives in My Family, the Holocaust & Me with Robert Rinder.

She and her musician sister Natalie appear in this harrowing two-part documentary where second and third generation families of Holocaust survivors discover the horrors of the war – which their relatives rarely talk about.

Here’s everything you need to know about Louisa Clein and what she learns in the two-part documentary.

Programme Name: My Family, The Holocaust and Me with Robert Rinder - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: at Treblinka (former NAZI death camp) in Poland. Robert Rinder - (C) Wall to Wall Media Ltd - Photographer: Tom Hayward
Robert Rinder investigates the horrors of the Holocaust in My Family, The Holocaust & Me (Credit: BBC)

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Who is Louisa Clein?

Louisa Clein is a 41-year-old actress from Poole.

She first appeared on TV in 2001, when she portrayed Charlie Deed in Judge John Deed opposite Martin Shaw.

Louisa went on to play Zelda Kay in Island at War in 2004 and Kim Whitfield in Holby City in 2017.

Her controversial role in Emmerdale made headline news in 2018.

Who did Louisa play in Emmerdale?

Louisa Clein played Maya Stepney in the ITV soap.

Teacher Maya groomed her boyfriend’s son Jacob Gallagher – who was also her pupil.

Maya continued to date David Metcalfe, while also embarking on an affair with his son Jacob.

Jacob fell in love with Maya, and the pair planned to run away together.

Maya was eventually exposed, sacked and arrested.

Louisa Clein’s Maya Stepney preyed on school pupil Jacob Gallagher in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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Why did Louisa leave Emmerdale?

Louisa’s character Maya was only ever supposed to be a temporary character, and she left the Dales in 2019.

It was announced in May 2019, that actress Louisa would be leaving the soap after her harrowing paedophile storyline.

Her arrest for grooming Jacob spelled the end of a chapter on the soap.

Is Louisa returning to Emmerdale?

Louisa’s character Maya made a shocking – but brief – return to Emmerdale in November 2019.

The character revealed she was pregnant, and over Christmas deposited the baby on the doorstep of the Metcalfe house.

DNA tests proved the baby was David’s, NOT Jacob’s.

Maya’s character was not killed off, so the door is still open for her to return. Although she would not be welcome.

There are no plans at the moment for her to return.

Is Louisa Clein married?

Louisa married Jeremy Briar in 2011.

Writer and barrister Jeremy stood as the Conservative candidate for Luton North in the 2010 General Election.

Louisa was introduced to husband Jeremy by none other than showbiz pal Judge Robert Rinder, who she brands her “rock” and “dear friend”.

Louisa and Jeremy have been married since 2011, and have three children together.

Robert Rinder was their best man.

Louisa and her sister Natalie on My Family, The Holocaust and Me with Robert Rinder (Credit: BBC One)
Louisa and her sister Natalie on My Family, The Holocaust & Me with Robert Rinder (Credit: BBC One)

How are Louisa Clein and Robert Rinder friends?

Robert went to university with Jeremy Briar and introduced Louisa to her husband to be!

Louisa shadowed Robert to prepare for her first ever TV role, playing Martin Shaw’s fictional daughter Charlie Deed in ITV legal drama Judge John Deed.

The pair have been incredibly close ever since, and bonded over their shared history.

Who is Louisa Clein’s sister?

Louisa’s sister is professional cellist Natalie Clein.

Natalie is a professor at the Royal College of Music London and Music Academy Rostock.

She plays the ‘Simpson’ Guadagnini cello of 1777.

What does Louisa discover in My Family, the Holocaust & Me with Robert Rinder?

Louisa and Natalie’s mum survived the persecution of the Jews as a child.

During the BBC One documentary, they discover their grandmother was a member of the resistance in Holland.

They also learn the tragic fate of their grandmother’s sister Els, who died in the war.

Louisa Clein attends soap awards
Louisa Clein attends the Inside Soap Awards 2019 (Credit: Splash)

What is My Family, the Holocaust & Me with Robert Rinder about?

Robert meets other second or third generation Jewish people living with the legacy of the Holocaust.

Psychologist Bernie breaks down during his first visit to Germany.

He confronts the truth about how his grandparents died.

Meanwhile, Emmerdale actress Louisa Clein and her musician sister Natalie travel to Holland and discover their grandmother and great-auntie were members of the Resistance.

Sadly only one of them survived the war.

Robert finds the mass grave where some of this family were brutally murdered and says: “This is the most articulate expression of human evil I have ever come close to.”

In the second episode, Robert travels to Treblinka death camp with his mum for the first time.

What was the Holocaust?

Millions of Jews died during the Holocaust in WWII.

Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party, ordered the killings.

Six million Jews died, although some experts have estimated the true death toll to be much higher.

My Family, the Holocaust & Me with Robert Rinder concludes on Monday November 16 2020 at 9pm.

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