Liam and Leyla

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Liam and Leyla plan to be together

But first they have to tell Leanna

Liam Cavanagh and Leyla Harding have been tiptoeing around their real feelings for each other for a while now in Emmerdale.

Next week they finally give in and decide they want to be together.

But knowing Liam’s daughter Leanna possibly won’t take the news that well, they are left in a fix.

Emmerdale viewers divided as Dr Liam and Leyla kiss
Liam and Leyla kissed before (Credit: ITV)

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Liam and Leyla first shared a kiss last month after they had been cast opposite each other in the village panto and realised there was something there.

However, as he was supposedly still in a relationship with Bernice at the time, it didn’t sit well.

Bernice had left Liam on the eve of their wedding to go to Australia.

Bernice got the terrible news about Charlie at her hen do (Credit: ITV)

Her ex-husband Charlie had an accident Down Under and Bernice felt unable to let their daughter Dee Dee care for Charlie on her own, so vowed to travel with her.

Although she led Liam to believe she’d only be gone a matter of weeks, it soon became apparent she wasn’t going to return.

Depsite the pair trying to keep their love going long distance, Liam’s growing attraction to Leyla, and then their kiss, spelled the end for the doc and Bernie.

Liam confessed his indescretion and Bernice ended their relationship, leaving Liam free to pursue Leyla.

leyla liam emmerdale
Leyla and Liam are obviously attracted to each other (Credit: ITV)

However, Leanna wasn’t happy about it and wanted her dad to fix things with Bernice.

Despite the backlash, Leyla and Liam can’t fight their feelings any more and decide the time has come to confess all.

Wanting to give things a proper go, Liam steals himself to tell his daughter.

How will Leanna react to her dad’s news? (Credit: ITV)

Will Leanna accept another stepmother into her life?

Leanna’s history with Leyla’s son Jacob complicates things slightly.

Jacob, still struggling to cope after being groomed by teacher Maya Stepney, used Leanna to try and get over his older lover.

He callously slept with the schoolgirl, not realising it was her first time.

Jacob did not treat Leanna well (Credit: ITV)

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Jacob then said some very harsh and nasty things about Leanna to her dad, and Liam lashed out, punching Jacob.

The troubled teen hit back by having Liam arrested, but thankfully came to his senses and dropped the charges.

How will the two teenagers react to being thrown together in this new blended family setting?

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