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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Huge twist as new owner of the Woolpack is revealed

Chas fears Kim will buy the pub

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal someone buys the Woolpack, but who could it be?

After the Woolpack fire and Gavin pulling out of the deal, Marlon and Chas were forced to put it up for auction.

In next week’s scenes Kim picks up an auction catalogue and starts to flick through it.

Soon Will works out Kim is likely planning on putting in a bid to buy the Woolpack.

Emmerdale Kim looks through an auction brochure with interest
Kim looks through an auction brochure with interest (Credit: ITV)

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Charity overhears and is gutted having to break the news to Chas.

When Chas learns Kim is interested she hits the roof. Cain is determined to fix things when Chas explains losing the pub will break her heart.

Emmerdale spoilers: New owner of the Woolpack revealed

On the day of the auction Chas initially refuses to go, not wanting to see Kim get her pub and Paddy is sad to see his wife so defeated.

Soon Charity hits a nerve when convinces Chas to attend after all, which delights Paddy as she’s not going down without a fight.

Emmerdale Chas Paddy and Marlon are stunned as they discover who's bought the Woolpack
Chas goes to the auction (Credit: ITV)

At the Auction House there is tension from the Emmerdale villagers as the auctioneer prepares to start.

Just as the auctioneer is ready to sell the Woolpack to the highest bid, Cain shoots up his hand and bids.

It’s tense for Moira who is relieved when Cain is outbid by an online bidder.

Later, with the pub sold to mystery online bidder, Marlon and Chas are interested to know who the new owner of the Woolpack is.

Who could the new owners be? (Credit: ITV)

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Faith fails to the name from the auctioneer but is informed that they would like to meet both Marlon and Chas in person.

Chas is fearful who the mystery buyer is…

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