Emmerdale SPOILERS: Harriet imprisons herself to atone for Malone’s murder

Harriet is struggling

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Emmerdale spoilers reveal Harriet Finch imprisons herself to atone for her part in Malone’s murder.

This week Harriet panics when the body of the man in the grave where Malone was once buried is exhumed.

In next week’s scenes Will covers up his worry over the fact Harriet has gone AWOL. Seeing a police car pull up, Will starts to panic.

Harriet starts talking about a body (Credit: ITV)

A stressed Harriet is with PC Swirling, she’s been at the station ranting about ‘a body.’

However Will manages to cover and says she was speaking about the exhumation and Swirling leaves satisfied.

But Harriet remains insistent to confess to her crimes and asks Will to punish her, to silence her. Is Will capable of doing what she’s asking?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Harriet imprisons herself

Later, after Will explains to Dawn that Harriet has gone away on a church retreat but he’s clearly uneasy. We soon see him hide Harriet’s mobile phone in a drawer.

Will worries about Harriet (Credit: ITV)

Will soon convinces Dawn to let him move back in due to Harriet’s absence. But soon he heads down to the cellar where Harriet is sat in self-imposed exile with only her bible and some food.

Harriet believes sequestering herself is the only way to repent for her sins.

Meanwhile in the village, Will explains that Harriet is away on a retreat. When he asks Harriet how long it will last, she says she can’t give him an exact answer as it is a question of faith.

Harriet locks herself away (Credit: ITV)

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Will worries how long Harriet will remain in the cellar?

Where is Malone’s body?

Malone’s body is currently buried on the grounds of Home Farm.

Dawn killed Malone in self-defence last year and she and Harriet originally buried his body in the village graveyard, on top of another man’s coffin.

Dawn killed Malone (Credit: ITV)

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But when the true occupant’s daughter wanted her dad’s body exhumed, Harriet and Will moved the body to the grounds of Home Farm.

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