Emmerdale SPOILERS: Moira horrified as Mack reveals two HUGE lies

Faith becomes suspicious of Mack

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Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Moira learns some shocking secrets. But will she ever be able to forgive her brother for his lies?

Mack came to the village last year and broke the news to Moira that their mother had died.

Emmerdale spoilers: Faith becomes suspicious of Mack

In next week’s scenes Moira, Chas and Mack try to coerce Cain into a Mother’s Day lunch with them and Faith.

When Faith brings up the subject of Moira and Mack’s mother’s death she notices Mack seems edgy. She starts to become suspicious.

Faith starts to become suspicious of Mack (Credit: ITV)

Before long, knowing Mack out of favour would endear Cain, Faith begins to dig the dirt on Moira’s brother.

Moira wants an informal memorial for their mother. As she heads off with Mack, Faith sneaks into the farm to find evidence.

Meanwhile, Moira voices her sadness that she couldn’t attend her mum’s funeral and Mack struggles to cover his guilt.

At the farm, Cain catches his mum snooping. Moira later enters to find a tense standoff between Mack and Cain and is distraught when Cain reveals the truth.

What does Mack tell Moira? (Credit: ITV)

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Soon Mack returns to tell Moira himself and a further secret. How will Moira react?

Will she be able to forgive her brother and his lies?

Emmerdale: Is Moira and Mack’s mother still alive?

Last week, after Mack had an conversation with Faith, fans were left believing that Moira’s mum is still alive.

In the scenes, Moira met Nate and Tracy’s daughter, Frankie. Moira became emotional thinking about how she never sorted things with her mum before her death.

Mack acting strangely last week (Credit: ITV)

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Afterwards, Faith seemed to detect something was off with Mack and told him she was a good listener. But he brushed her off.

This led fans to wonder if Moira and Mack’s mum is actually alive. What do you think?

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