Emmerdale SPOILERS: Grief-stricken Liam destroys Leanna’s memorial as police think death was an accident

Meena killed Leanna

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Liam destroys Leanna’s memorial as police think her death was an accident.

This week Leanna was killed by Meena after she discovered that Meena killed her best friend Nadine.

Meena threw Leanna off the Humpback Bridge and the next day her body was discovered by Bernice Blackstock.

In next week’s scenes Liam is distraught over the death of his daughter. Meanwhile Leyla tells Meena that the police don’t think Leanna’s death was suspicious.

Meena killed Leanna (Credit: ITV)

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Meena is relieved and can’t resist a triumphal smile as she plays with the ring she took from Leanna.

Emmerdale spoilers: Liam destroys Leanna’s memorial

At the Humpback Bridge, Jacob, Gabby and Liv struggle with their guilt over Leanna’s death.

When Gabby suggests a community memorial, they’re all on board.

However later Liam becomes angry when he witnesses the start of the memorial.

As Leyla tries  to calm her grieving husband down, he blames Jacob and Liv for what happened. Meanwhile Meena relishes in the drama.

Liam destroys Leanna’s memorial (Credit: ITV)

Overcome with grief, Liam rips the flowers apart left on the bridge.

Later Leyla is shocked to discover Liam went to the chapel of rest alone to see Leanna.

He tells Leyla to spend the night at David’s, but she refuses to leave. Liam soon storms upstairs leaving Leyla distraught.

Cain tries to help Liam

Cain is left thoughtful after witnessing Liam reject Charles’ attempts to console him.

Later at the Cricket Pavilion, Cain reaches out to Liam in his own way.

Liam is grateful beyond words for Cain’s support and the two sit in silence having a drink together.

Later Liam asks Jacob to help with Leanna’s things and make amends but Liam becomes distressed when Jacob starts asking after the ring he gave Leanna.

Meena relishes in the drama (Credit: ITV)

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Jacob is distraught at the loss of the ring and David is gutted for him. Meena desperately tries to keep a poker face.

A broken Liam fights his inner turmoil as he surveys the river bank where Leanna was found.

He soon drives away from the village. Leyla is distressed that Liam will come to harm.

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