Emmerdale SPOILERS: Dawn offers to sleep with Jamie

Jamie wants Dawn gone from the Outdoor Pursuit Centre

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Emmerdale spoilers reveal Dawn offers to sleep with Jamie when he finds out what she’s been up to. Will he take her up on her offer?

In next week’s scenes Jamie looks in Dawn’s locker but finds nothing. He sits there with her P45 plotting her next move.

When Jamie sacks Dawn, thinking she’s been meeting her dealer, Dawn drops herself in it. She reveals that the older man she met with was one of her old clients, not a dealer.

Dawn tells Jamie she’s been meeting with clients (Credit: ITV)

She insists to her boss that she hasn’t been doing drugs but has been earning cash by sleeping with clients.

However he’s shocked when she offers to sleep with him if it means he’ll keep quiet. What will Jamie say?

Emmerdale: Jamie starts plotting

The next day, Dawn is determined to make things right with Jamie. She flirts with him and reminds him of her offer.

However they’re interrupted when Will appears and warns Jamie to stay away from his daughter. Dawn fears Will has made things worse and she urges him to apologise to Jamie.

Dawn offers to sleep with Jamie in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

He reluctantly does and Jamie agrees to think about not pressing charges.

But when Dawn is left alone with Jamie, he agrees to take her up on the ‘offer’ she made him.

Mackenzie is suspicious of Jamie’s actions (Credit: ITV)

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When Jamie later insists that Mackenzie gets Will up to the house later, Mackenzie is suspicious of Jamie’s actions. What is he planning?

Cain goes for revenge on Jamie

Chas insists to Cain that he gets revenge on Jamie for what he’s put Belle through.

Cain goes after revenge on Jamie (Credit: ITV)

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The next day a vengeful Cain picks up a length of a metal pipe, determined to do what needs to be done.

Sam, aware of Cain’s plans, runs to Moira and pleads with her to stop Cain doing something he’ll regret.

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