Emmerdale SPOILERS: Belle hallucinates and heads into village carrying a knife

Belle's mental health starts to get worse

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Belle’s hallucinations get worse and she heads into the village carrying a knife.

Belle has been struggling with her mental health since her ex-boyfriend Jamie tried to set her up for the hit and run that nearly killed Moira.

In next week’s scenes Belle continues to hallucinate images of ‘Jamie’ and is haunted by the voice of her late mother, Lisa.

She struggles to work out what’s real and what is in her head.

Belle starts having hallucinations of Jamie (Credit: ITV)

As the preparations for Nate and Tracy’s gender reveal party get underway, Nate reveal to Belle that Tracy is having a wobbles. However,  he assures his aunt that Tracy doesn’t blame her for anything.

But Lisa’s voice warns Belle she has to protect her family. As time passes on, Lydia is confused to discover Belle seems to have disappeared, along with a cake knife.

Belle fears someone is after her

Outside, a terrified Belle walks through the village with a knife in her hand, frantic and fearful that someone is after her.

Back at the Woolpack, Cain starts to realise that Belle hasn’t been taking her medication.

Cain realises that Belle hasn’t been taking her medication (Credit: ITV)

Seeing this, Nate and Tracy decide to come clean and admit they recently found her digging a grave. Cain’s furious at his son for keeping the secret.

But Cain and Sam soon realise Belle has taken the knife.

Sam calls the police as the others prepare to search for Belle. Meanwhile in the woods, Belle hallucinates that Jamie is chasing after her.

Belle hallucinates that Jamie is chasing after her in the woods (Credit: ITV)

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She gets the knife out to protect herself, at which point the voice of Lisa compels her to protect her family.

Cain gets revenge on Jamie?

Chas insists to Cain that he get revenge on Jamie for what he’s put Belle through.

The next day, a vengeful Cain picks up a length of metal pipe, determined to do what needs to be done.

Chas insists to Cain that he get revenge on Jamie (Credit: ITV)

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Aware of Cain’s plans, Sam goes to Moira and pleads with her to stop Cain from doing something he’ll regret. Will she be able to stop him?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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