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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Christmas episodes in 10 pictures

Will Chas and Paddy tie the knot?

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Emmerdale spoilers in pictures for the Christmas episodes see Paddy surprise Chas with a festive wedding, but will Charity ruin their day before they say ‘I do’?

Meanwhile, Al’s mystery woman is revealed and Moira and Cain get back on track.

All this and more in the Christmas Emmerdale spoilers.

1. Chas and Paddy’s Christmas wedding 

Paddy is excited about the surprise Christmas wedding he’s planning for Chas.

But when things keep going wrong, Marlon and Aaron beg wedding expert Leyla for help.

But when Chas and Charity have a row, things start to unravel.

It looks like Paddy’s hard work is for nothing when Charity hears about the wedding and realises she hasn’t been invited.

Will Paddy and Chas manage to tie the knot on Christmas Day?

Or will Charity’s revenge ruin their wedding?

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2. Cain and Moira make it official

Moira is shocked when Mack announces he is leaving the village and offers him a place to live at Butlers Farm.

Cain is fuming, desperate not to live under the same roof as Mack.

Later, Charity and Mack plan where to stash their stolen goods.

The pair flirt and Charity can’t help but have feelings for Mack, but is he using her?

Cain plans a romantic night in with Moira on Christmas Eve.

Moira is thrilled when he suggests they start wearing their wedding rings again.

3. Al’s mystery woman is revealed 

On Christmas Eve, Priya comments that she wants Al all to herself this Christmas.

Little does she know he is about to send one last message to his mystery woman.

On Christmas Day Priya is thrilled when Al gives her an expensive necklace.

But Al is desperate to sneak off to see his mistress, so concocts a story about why he has to go.

Andrea, Belle and Dawn each get a mysterious text, could one of them be Al’s mistress?

Soon all is revealed…

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4.  Paul attacks Vinny again

Paul sees Liv going out for a driving lesson and warns her she shouldn’t be driving after her seizure.

Liv refuses to listen, so Paul tells Aaron all about Liv’s recent health troubles.

Liv is fuming and retaliates by telling Vinny that Paul is still gambling.

Paul tries to lie his way out of it, but Vinny doesn’t believe a word.

Vinny confronts Paul and tells him to face up to his addiction, but Paul reacts badly and retaliates by hitting Vinny again.

This is the last straw for Vinny, but will he tell Mandy?

5. Jamie and Andrea reunited for Christmas?

Jamie returns and instantly gets a telling off from Kim for making their family look a laughing stock.

Later, Jamie tries to persuade Andrea to let him see Millie on Christmas Day and is surprised when she agrees.

But when Jamie suggests they get back together, how will Andrea react?

For Christmas week Emmerdale will air on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm. Christmas Eve will be an hour long special at 6.45 and Christmas Day will also be an hour long episode at 6.30 on ITV. 

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