Emmerdale SPOPILERs Malone dug up

Emmerdale SPOILERS: DI Malone is dug up!

Will Harriet and Will get away with it?

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Emmerdale spoilers for upcoming episodes reveal DI Malone will be DUG UP.

The dastardly detective died after Dawn shot him as he attacked Harriet, and the vicar then buried him in the grave of a recently deceased parishioner.

emmerdale harriet malone dug up
Harriet is beginning to unravel with the stress of Malone’s murder (Credit: ITV)

Cunning. But what Harriet didn’t bank on was the daughter of the dead man wanting his body exhumed.

Harriet realises that there’s no choice but to get digging and remove Malone before this goes ahead.

She and on-off lover Will hatch a plot for him to do the stinking donkey work.

By cover of darkness he sets about the grim task and moves the decomposing corpse to an area on Home Farm land he believes will be safe.

Emmerdale DI Malone dug up
Will gets to work as Emmerdale villain DI Malone is dug up (Credit: ITV)

Why is Emmerdale baddie Malone dug up?

In upcoming scenes, Harriet is shocked to see a woman standing over the grave where the corrupt cop is hidden.

Later, the two women meet in church and the vicar discovers the woman – Jean – is the daughter of the man legitimately in the grave!

All the blood drains from her face as Jean explains her wishes to have her father’s body exhumed.

The following day Harriet calls the Bishop to try and stop the exhumation, but her boss says she’ll be coming to visit her in person to discuss the matter.

By now totally freaking out, Harriet fills Will in on the horrific update and he agrees they need to get Malone out of there sharpish.

emmerdale dawn malone
Malone tried to force Dawn to inject a lethal dose of heroine (Credit: ITV)

What happened to DI Malone?

Malone was having an affair with Harriet but was also up to no good and trying to destroy Will and his daughter Dawn.

She reported him so he wanted her out of the way and tried to force her into ODing.

Harriet appeared in the nick of time and whacked him over the head but, as he came to and went for his lover, Dawn shot him. Twice.

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Knowing they would struggle with a self-defence plea, the two traumatised women chose to cover up the killing instead.

But they couldn’t keep it to themselves and told Will; more recentlyDawn told her ex Billy.

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