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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Andrea’s mum arrives with a Millie bombshell for Kim

What does this mean for Millie?

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal that Andrea’s mum Hazel is heading to the village with some big news for Kim.

There was no love lost between the Tate matriarch and her ex-daughter-in-law, particularly at the end of Andrea’s life.

But Charles convinces Kim that it’s in Millie’s best interests if they hold a memorial for her lost mum.

Kim ends up agreeing, but only because she hopes that the event might draw Jamie back to the village.

Unfortunately for Kim, he’s not the mysterious latecomer en route to the service.

Emmerdale spoilers: Andrea and Kim

Emmerdale spoilers Hazel Andrea
Hazel is distraught and furious (Credit: ITV)

Hazel is undoubtedly aware that Kim was using dirty tricks to get custody of Millie before Andrea died.

Andrea was outraged at the very thought of it and vowed to fight Kim all the way.

But now she’s gone, and Jamie is feared dead, it looks as though Kim got what she wanted after all.

That’s until Hazel walks into her life.

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When Hazel’s car drives up Main Street, Kim’s convinced Jamie is about to answer her prayers and return.

So, when she sees it’s Hazel, Kim is less than impressed.

After the emotional service, where Charles delivers a heartbreaking address about his lost love, Hazel finds Kim.

She delivers a shock that leaves Kim reeling – what will happen next?

Goodbye Millie

Kim and Millie say goodbye
Kim is devastated to let her granddaughter go (Credit: ITV)

As far as the whole world is concerned, Millie is now an orphan, and Hazel is determined to protect her.

She’s stunned when Kim insists Jamie is still alive and wonders if the twisted Tate is right in the head.

Either way, her focus is Millie – who makes the decision to go with Hazel and start a new life away from the horror of Emmerdale.

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It’s devastating for Kim to let go, but she reluctantly accepts Millie’s decision and packs up her things.

But as she does it, Kim is forced to confront her biggest fear for the first time ever.

Will she accept Jamie is dead and gone or is Kim right to cling on to hope?

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