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Emmerdale: Andrea Tate is ALIVE and under police protection, fan theory insists

Viewers have an intriguing theory that would explain so much

Emmerdale fans are convinced Andrea Tate is alive – and working with the police to bring down Meena Jutla.

The mum was apparently beaten unconscious and left to burn alive in the maze fire by serial killer Meena earlier this week.

Emmerdale Andrea Tate dead
Is Andrea Tate dead in Emmerdale? (Credit: ITV)

However, her body was not seen and the last glimpse of Andrea came with her alive.

It has left fans sure that something else is going on rather than Andrea being dead.

And they are convinced it is one big plot so that actress Anna Nightingale can go on maternity leave for a while.

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One said: “I wonder if Andrea is still alive and the police are hiding her #Emmerdale

A second said: “The police had to tell Kim about Andrea being in witness protection to protect Andrea and most importantly Millie.

“Andrea is alive. She will bring down Meena! #emmerdale”

Is Andrea Tate alive in Emmerdale?

A third said: “I don’t believe #emmerdale writers would kill off both of Millie’s parents.

“Either Andrea is alive and in witness protection or Jamie is actually alive and will come back for Millie.”

A fourth asked: “What if Andrea isn’t actually dead? She was found barely conscious but alive and told the police everything about Meena.

Fans refuse to accept both Jamie and Andrea Tate are dead (Credit: ITV)

“Now in Witness Protection & will be back in a few months to play a big part in Meena’s downfall.

“Make way for Maternity Leave? Never saw a body #Emmerdale”

A fifth said: “Andrea isn’t actually dead. She was found alive and told the police everything about Meena killing Leanna and attempting to kill Victoria.

“She is now in witness protection & will be back in a few months. #Emmerdale”

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However, it has been confirmed that the police will make an arrest next week on Emmerdale.

With Andrea’s death ruled a murder, Meena is questioned about her statement and panics.

To hide her own actions she will frame someone else. But who?

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