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Emmerdale: Meena finally caught out as camera records her trying to drown Victoria?

Is Meena about to be caught?

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Emmerdale character Meena killed again this week, but is she about to be caught out?

This week, Victoria and David were on the rope bridge when it snapped and ended up falling into the river.

Victoria fell over a waterfall and was found by David’s girlfriend, Meena.

Viewers know Meena wanted Victoria dead after she discovered David was in love with the chef.

When Meena found Victoria’s lifeless body, she walked over to it, unaware that there that was a waterproof camera nearby.

Meena tried to drown Victoria (Credit: ITV)

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Instead of helping, Vic, Meena proceeded to try and drown her.

Soon David saw Meena and she said she was trying to help Victoria. Billy came along an performed CPR on Victoria saving her life.

However Meena realised Andrea watched her trying to kill Victoria and proceeded to chase and murder Andrea.

Emmerdale: Meena caught on camera trying to kill Victoria

In tonight’s episode (Friday, October 22) Ben decided to go through the cameras used on the survival challenge to see if he could piece together everything that happened.

He found one camera and said it only appeared to be recording the water.

Meena was caught on camera trying to kill Vic (Credit: ITV)

However Billy came along and said the police were at the HOP.

Ben left the footage playing, however the camera ended up at the bottom of the waterfall and captured Meena trying to drown Victoria.

Will this footage be Meena’s downfall? Will anyone see it?

Emmerdale: What’s happening next week?

In next week’s scenes DS Rogers is investigating what happened. DS Rogers begins asking questions and soon a finger is pointed and an arrest is made.

Who is arrested? Is there any chance it could be Meena?

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