Emmerdale SPOPILERs Malone dug up

Emmerdale: shock theory that Malone is Harriet’s BROTHER

Are the pair secret siblings?

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Emmerdale fans have been wondering what Harriet’s mysterious connection to evil DI Malone is for weeks.

Viewers are aware they used to be police officers together but there have been hints at a deeper connection and now it has been claimed they could be siblings.

Emmerdale Malone Harriet
Harriet has a secret connection to Malone but what is it? (Credit: ITV)

It has been established that Harriet was the undercover officer who brought down Will’s old criminal gang – leaving him locked up.

But she never worked out that Will wasn’t the big boss he was pretending to be.

And despite falling in love with him, she still sent him to prison and cut him out of her life with little remorse.

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The pair only ended up getting back together after Will was released from prison and launched a terrifying revenge campaign on Harriet.

She forgave him and they found a way to move forward.

But that was all upended when Will realised Malone would be coming for him.

Emmerdale Malone Harriet1
Are they secret siblings? (Credit: ITV)

He tried to get a gun to protect his family but that all went wrong and Harriet was forced to go to Cain for help in disposing of it.

That unintentionally brought Malone back into her life – and it’s clear there’s no love lost between them.

What is Harriet’s connection to Malone?

Could all this mean that he is actually her estranged older brother and the pair are siblings?

Could the corrupt officer be wanting to protect his sister?

Emmerdale star Katherine, 55, recently teased her character’s connection to DI Malone.

Speaking with Inside Soap, the actress said: “All of this has kicked off from Will’s stress, so she’s worried for Will and what he’s got himself involved in with Malone.

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“Harriet and Malone obviously have a history, as she worked with him while she was in the police.

“She’s not happy about him being back in their lives, and she knows Will fears him.

“She doesn’t want to give her concern away,” she added.

“She has to tread very carefully to get some answers from Malone without dropping anybody else in it.”

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