Emmerdale Priya and Ellis

Emmerdale: Priya Sharma will fall pregnant with Al’s son Ellis’ baby, fans predict

Will Priya be left with a bun in the oven?

Emmerdale fans are predicting a shock twist for Priya Sharma after her romp with Al’s son Ellis Chapman.

Viewers watched last night as it was revealed Priya had slept with her former partner Al’s personal trainer son.

Priya Sharma will fall pregnant with Ellis’ baby say fans (Credit: ITV)

Al was devastated by Priya’s revenge.

Despite the fact he had cheated on Priya with Debbie Dingle for a year, he was still shellshocked by her bedding the man who would have been her stepson.

After coming across his ex and son behaving suspiciously, Priya let the cat out of the bag.

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She told him: “Look, if you can’t join the dots then I’m not going to do it for you.”

A shocked Al accused Priya of trying to get back at him by seducing his son.

He even claimed Priya is almost twice Ellis’ age.

Ellis was happy to be seduced by his almost step-mother (Credit: ITV)

“Oh, so I’m the evil older woman, am I?” she raged back.

“She’s just using you to get back at me and what better way than sleeping with my son?” he said turning to Ellis.

“Can’t you see she’s loving this?”

Al was horrified by Priya’s revenge (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Priya Sharma takes revenge on ex Al

Instead of just walking away, Priya turned the screw more.

“I did love it, actually,” she said.

“And I can’t wait to do it again. He’s worth 10 of you, seriously, Ellis, he’s just trying to twist this into something it’s not. We’re both free and single.”

“He is my son. How can this be about anything other than revenge?” replied Al.

And fans are convinced Priya’s revenge will see her pregnant again.

One said: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Priya falls pregnant and Ellis is the father, try explaining that one to Al. #Emmerdale”

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“Then Priya gets pregnant let me guess #Emmerdale,” said a second.

A third said: “#emmerdale Maybe Priya gets pregnant with Ellis’ baby? And Al will not like that.

“It’s only soaps not real life and things can happen and I can’t wait for al find out about Priya and Ellis.”

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