Emmerdale: Cain Dingle meets his new granddaughter Frankie, leaving fans melting

Faith's return shocked the Dingle family

Emmerdale fans melted as Cain Dingle finally met his new granddaughter, baby Frankie.

After Frankie was born last week, Cain discovered his mum Faith was back in the village.

Cain was furious and demanded Faith leave, but his sister Chas wanted her mum to stay.

Faith came back (Credit: ITV)

At a Dingle court, the Dingle family voted and the votes for Faith to leave or stay was a tie. However Nate got the deciding vote and chose for his grandmother to stay.

Cain wasn’t happy with Nate’s decision, considering Faith was the reason Cain didn’t know about Nate until he was an adult.

In last night’s episodes of the soap (Thursday, March 4) Tracy went to see Cain. She became emotional as she explained as her dad, Frank, had died, Cain is the only grandfather Frankie has.

Cain met little Frankie (Credit: ITV)

Thinking about what Tracy said, Cain decided to go to Nate and Tracy’s to meet the baby.

Nate told Cain he could pick her up and Cain gave Frankie a hold.

As Frankie slept in Cain’s arms, Nate said to his dad: “I think she likes you.” Cain then smiled at the tot, clearly happy.

Fans were left melting at the scenes, thrilled Cain finally met the little girl.

Emmerdale: What happened between Nate, Cain and Faith?

In 2019, farmhand Nate had been having an affair with Cain’s wife Moira.

Nate later revealed to Cain that he was his son and had the affair as revenge for him abandoning him.

However Cain had no idea Nate existed. It wasn’t long before Faith came in and explained everything…

Nate is Cain’s son (Credit: ITV)

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In the 90s Cain had a relationship with Nate’s mum Cara. However Shadrach had a racist attitude and warned Cara to keep away from Cain.

But when Faith discovered Cara was pregnant, she coerced her into leaving and not telling Cain about the baby, fearing what Shadrach would do.

When Cain discovered his mum always knew he had a son but never told him, he was furious and demanded she leave the village.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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