Emmerdale fans convinced paedo Maya will return as Leyla’s stalker

Is she back to cause more carnage?

Emmerdale fans think they have worked out who Leyla Harding’s stalker is – paedophile Maya Stepney.

The teacher was run out of the village last year after abusing her stepson Jacob Gallagher.

But fans think she is behind the destruction of rival Leyla Harding’s business and her stalking torment.

Leyla is left terrified next week when her stalker attacks (Credit: ITV)

Lelya has been left terrified by her ordeal with her business being attacked and next week she is attacked herself.

What happens in Emmerdale next week?

She will come face-to-face with the person who has been tormenting her. And there will be a violent altercation as a result.

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And fans are convinced it will be with Maya, who they say has returned for revenge.

It’s got to be Maya!

One said: “Maya definitely behind all the cancellations of Leyla business! #emmerdale.”

A second said: “Maya is coming back. #emmerdale”

The stalker reveals themselves next week (Credit: ITV)

A third said: “Is Kim really the one behind trying to ruin Leyla’s business? Or maybe it’s actually Maya back for revenge? #Emmerdale”

And it’s not just Leyla’s stalker they think is a clue about Maya’s return.

Next week David is set to be shocked when he sees someone he knows on a dating app – and fans think it will be Maya.

One said: “Definitely Maya!!”

Another added: “It’s got to be Maya.”

Why did Maya leave Emmerdale?

Maya was sent to prison for her inappropriate behaviour with Jacob Gallagher.

Emmerdale fans think Maya could be about to make a comeback (Credit: ITV)

However, she escaped justice for abusing him and having sex with him. But she was driven out of the village by the horrified locals as a result.

However, when she was released from prison, fans were shocked to see that she was pregnant.

And they were yet more shocked when she abandoned the baby boy on David and Jacob’s doorstep for them to raise.

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A DNA test showed David to be the father – but fans have questioned whether he is lying to protect his son Jacob.

But with her baby happily growing up without her, could Maya have decided to return to reclaim him?

And will she want to destroy Leyla in the process?

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