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Emmerdale: Meena grooming Jacob leaves fans disgusted

Meena began to manipulate Jacob

Emmerdale fans are disgusted with Meena for grooming David’s son, Jacob and making him believe his dad was horrible to her.

Recently David decided he was going to end his relationship with his girlfriend Meena as he wanted to be with Victoria.

David and Victoria have grown closer over the last few months and even ended up sharing a kiss more than once.

Meena overheard David confess his love for Vic on the survival challenge and set out to murder the chef.

Emmerdale cast
Victoria and David have been growing closer for months (Credit: ITV)

However her plan to drown Victoria after she fell down the waterfall was scuppered when David and Billy came along. Billy performed CPR on Vic, saving her.

Meena went on to kill Andrea, who witnessed her trying to drown Vic.

This week, Vic was discharged from hospital.

When Meena went into her room she saw a get well card David gave to Vic telling her how much he loved her and wanted to be a family with her and their kids, she was enraged.

Meena returned to the village as well after being discharged from hospital. Soon everyone knew that David had left her and appeared to be with Victoria.

Emmerdale: Meena manipulating Jacob

Meena told Jacob his dad could be horrible (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s scenes (Tuesday, October 26) David’s son, Jacob, was furious with his dad for what he did to Meena.

However Jacob has no idea that Meena was the one who murdered his on/off girlfriend, Leanna.

Jacob ended up finding Meena in the village and offered to take her for a drink.

Meena’s manipulation left fans disgusted (Credit: ITV)

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Meena told Jacob that his dad could be horrible and that he uses people and throws them away when he’s done.

Meena said to the teenager that David was never physically abusive, but made him out to be cruel to her.

Emmerdale Meena: Fans furious as she grooms Jacob

However fans have said they’re disgusted with Meena for grooming and manipulating Jacob into believing his dad’s abusive, when she knows he was groomed by David’s last girlfriend, Maya.

Who is Maya in Emmerdale?

Maya Stepney is the ex-girlfriend of David Metcalfe.

Maya was a school teacher and she began dating David. However shortly after beginning their relationship, she started grooming his son, her pupil, Jacob, who was only 15.

They began sleeping together shortly after he turned 16. The truth came out when David’s ex-girlfriend, Priya, spotted Maya and Jacob kissing.

Maya groomed and sexually abused Jacob (Credit: ITV)

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Maya went to prison and when she was released it was revealed to viewers that she was pregnant.

On Christmas Day 2019, Jacob and David were shocked to find a baby on their doorstep with a note from Maya.

A DNA test proved David’s was the baby’s father and it was revealed Maya left the country after leaving prison.

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