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Emmerdale fave Mandy confesses devastating secret in lockdown ep

Viewers will be sobbing, says Lisa Riley

Emmerdale motormouth Mandy Dingle is going to confess a devastating secret in Monday night’s lockdown episode.

Beautician Mandy is spending lockdown in the salon with her son Vinny – and a month together will see Mandy break down and reveal a painful secret from her past.

Emmerdale characters Mandy and Vinny are locked up together (Credit: ITV)

One she’s kept for more than a decade.

They have an endless supply of beauty products, some beers and a microwave. Plus an all-important karaoke machine.

With her ex, Vinny’s dad Paul having tricked himself back into their lives, she’s been thinking more and more about the past.

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And locked up with only her son for company, Mandy’s walls come crashing down – and she lets it out.

Actress Lisa Riley teased: “She has been sitting on this for so long and things will suddenly make so much sense.

“I can’t wait to play this out and it will have huge repercussions going forward.”

Viewers will sob says Lisa Riley

And it’s going to be a tear-jerker with Lisa telling BBC Radio Leeds today how people will be “crying”.

She added: “I think a lot of people will have dealt with it themselves. And it’s not really a subject we ever discuss in soap operas.”

The secret revealed in the episode will allow Mandy to let go of some of her pain – and she could maybe see ex Paul in a new light.

Does Many still have feelings for Paul? (Credit: ITV)

However Lisa added: “Mandy is petrified of getting hurt again.

“Paul Ashdale has just set off the memories again of her pain and anguish.

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“Mandy is walking on eggshells regarding him as she’s been so hurt and it has damaged her. So now with Vinny bringing him back into their lives she is very wary.”

Bradley Johnson who plays Vinny added: “I think if you’re stuck with someone for that length of time, you’re either going to kill each other or your relationship is going to become stronger.

“I think this will be a pivotal time for them and they’ll find out a lot about each other that they didn’t previously know and there will be a lot of heartwarming scenes.”

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