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Emmerdale: Laura Norton reveals the real reason why Kerry has stayed away from the village

Kerry returns to screens very soon

Emmerdale star Laura Norton has revealed the real reason her character Kerry Wyatt has been away from the village.

Kerry will be returning to screen next week as actress Laura Norton came back to the show after being on maternity leave.

Kerry hasn’t been seen since June 2020 when she left the village. However Laura Norton has revealed why her character has kept away from the village.

In next week’s scenes, Mack and Charity break into Chloe’s house to rob the place. But Charity is shocked when she runs into Kerry, who works for Chloe’s family as a maid.

Charity and Mack run into Kerry at Chloe’s house (Credit: ITV)

Kerry warns them to stay away, not to mention they’ve seen her and hand back the stolen items, however Mack keeps one of the expensive watches.

Emmerdale: Laura Norton reveals why Kerry has stayed away

In a recent interview, Laura was asked why Kerry pretends that she doesn’t know Charity when she first sees her and Laura revealed: “Well one because she has sort of been living a double life for the last 18 months.

“She’s took this job and she’s kept her life and her close friends and family a secret because she doesn’t want this dangerous man to know anything about her life just in case.

“So that, somebody that she knows turning up there is the last thing that she needed and wanted.”

Kerry is working for Chloe’s dad (Credit: ITV)

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She also revealed that Amy doesn’t know where she’s working.

Laura added: “No Amy doesn’t know where she is, and she’s doing that, not to by sly, just to protect Amy.

“But obviously the can of worms that it would open if Charity said anything, then Amy tried to find her and then they knew who Amy was or where Amy was. It’s a scary moment.”

Kerry’s relationship with Chloe’s father

When asked what Kerry’s relationship is like with Chloe’s father and if he’s scary, Laura responded: “It’s just a professional relationship and he’s very, very scary.

He’s very, very scary.

“Kerry has been made aware because he trusts her being in the house. She’s cleaner at the house but I think she has been given other responsibilities. She’s obviously got very close with his daughter.

Kerry has grown close to Chloe (Credit: ITV)

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“But has she been privy to conversations where she knows exactly what he’s been involved in and even for Kerry it’s incredibly dark and something that she doesn’t want any part of.

“Really, really dark stuff, really really scary stuff. You wouldn’t even want to know this person through another person. So to be living and working in his house, it’s just all a little too close for her.

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