Emmerdale spoilers: Next revealed in all-new pictures - November 1-5 (W44)

Emmerdale spoilers: Next revealed in all-new pictures – November 1-5

Kim is convinced Jamie will be back

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Charity and Mack make a shock discovery at Chloe’s house.

Meanwhile Amelia ropes people into helping Liam with his allotment and Kim gets a shock at Andrea’s memorial.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale.

Emmerdale spoilers: Next week

1. Kerry returns

Charity and Mack head off to rob Chloe’s house.

After clearing a display case of watches, they encounter the maid cleaning. Charity is shocked to realise it’s Kerry.

When Chloe returns home, Kerry covers for Charity and Mack.

As Charity asks to speak to Chloe’s mum and dad, she’s awkward about the subject.

After Chloe leaves, Kerry warns Charity and Mack not to mention that they’ve seen her and to stay away.

Before they leave she forces them to hand over what they took, but once home Mack reveals he kept a watch.

Kerry warns Chloe her father won’t want her keeping in contact with Noah and Sarah, leaving her torn.

2. Charity and Mack are being watched

Kerry is alarmed when she gets a message from Chloe’s dad about his missing watch.

In the village a mysterious figure is watching Charity and Mack from a parked car.

3. Liam’s allotment goes viral

Amelia helps Liam spread the word about his community allotment and Leyla is thrilled he’s getting his sparkle back.

The next day Liam and Amelia’s ‘Doctor Dig’ social media video promoting the allotment has gone viral.

Liam prepares for an interested journalist to visit the allotment. He has grand plans for the big reveal but not enough people to help.

Amelia makes a call to arms for the village youth to step in and save Liam’s day.

Soon Amelia leads a battalion of the village kids over the hill to help Liam construct his greenhouse out of recycled bottles.

Liam is soon able to declare the ‘Leanna Cavanagh Good Mood Food Allotment’ open.

4. Kim holds a memorial for Andrea

Charles convinces Kim to hold a memorial service for Andrea to help Millie.

Gabby’s worried when Kim says the memorial may bring Jamie back.

Gabby’s appalled when Kim promises Millie that her dad will be at the memorial.

On the morning of the memorial, the day is interrupted when Will returns.

Kim is relieved but angry at Will for leaving.

As the memorial commences, Will is sad as he sees Kim waiting for Jamie to show up.

Kim’s excitement grows when she sees a car arriving late, however it’s Hazel, Andrea’s mum.

Charles delivers an emotional address to the congregation and Meena relishes.

5. Millie makes a decision

When the service is over, Hazel has a revelation that will shock Kim.

Hazel is stunned by Kim’s claim that Jamie isn’t dead.

When Millie emerges from the church, Kim is heartbroken by her decision to live with Granny Hazel.

Kim packs up the last of Millie’s things, finally accepting she’s lost Jamie, but devastated she’s lost Millie too.

6. Priya gets devastating news

Priya is devastated that she needs a second skin graft with no guarantee this one will be successful either.

She’s isolated her family from visiting.

Al is intrigued to find out Priya called out his name when she first regained consciousness.

7. Marlon hurt by Rhona’s comment

Rhona gets a call to say the case against her has been dropped.

After an emotional week, Marlon makes an impromptu proposal to Rhona who thinks he’s joking.

He quickly tries to hide his hurt. Will he propose for real?

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