Emmerdale kid Cathy Hope and soap’s other brilliantly bratty children

Naughty makes for great drama!

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Emmerdale, Coronation Street and EastEnders all have had some very naughty kids over the years – fabulously brought to life by some brilliant young actors – including current madam Cathy Hope.

These youngsters do an amazing job breathing character and plot into some real horror – and it’s time to celebrate them!

The worst soap kids

Soap kids: Cathy Hope – Emmerdale

Character Cathy has caused some trouble recently (Credit: ITV)

Cathy Hope is the daughter of Bob and Viv Hope. She is also the twin of Heath.

Earlier this year Cathy and Heath proved to be trouble when they wound up Eric Pollard, who is dating their mother figure Brenda.

After upsetting Eric, he smashed Cathy’s phone and she blackmailed him into buying her a new one.

More recently she’s befriended April Windsor, who is actually her niece.

It has become increasingly more clear she’s using April to get closer to Ellis Chapman, April’s former stepbrother, who lodges at Marlon’s.

Cathy is played by fantastic young actress Gabrielle Dowling.

Soap kids: Amy Mitchell – EastEnders

Amy is the daughter of Roxy Mitchell (Credit: BBC)

Character Amy Mitchell is the daughter of Jack Branning and Roxy Mitchell, played by Abbie Burke.

Last year 12 year old Amy lied that her teacher Isaac Baptiste was using drugs.

She later admitted to lying, however it seems like Amy’s behaviour hasn’t improve much in this week’s episodes.

In upcoming scenes, Will reveals to Honey and Billy that his sister Janet is being bullied online by Amy Mitchell.

Later, when Honey politely confronts her, Amy offers a half-hearted apology.

Hope Stape – Coronation Street

Character Hope has also proved to be trouble (Credit: ITV)

Hope Stape is played by actress Isabella Flanagan. She is the daughter of Fiz Stape.

Her biological father is the late John Stape, who was a murderer, however she was raised by Fiz and her ex-fiancé Tyrone Dobbs.

Over the last few years, Hope has proved to have some behaviour issues and even had a habit of starting fires.

When her half-sister Jade came into the picture, Hope’s behaviour got worse as Jade tried to turn Hope against her mum Fiz.

Later Hope started to see Jade’s true colours and over the past year her behaviour appears to have improved.

However this week, she ends up attacking her cousin Joseph amid her parents split.

Leanna Cavanagh – Emmerdale

Leanna is Liam’s daughter (Credit: ITV)

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Leanna Cavanagh is the daughter of Dr Liam Cavanagh and is played by actress Mimi Slinger.

The teenager has proved to be trouble since her arrival in 2018.

Shortly after her arrival she stole Joe Tate’s car along with Noah Dingle, Sarah Sugden and Jacob Gallagher.

Last year when she discovered that Gabby Thomas had falsely accused her dad Liam of grooming her, she picked on Gabby and tried to get her fired from her job at The Hide.

Kelly Neelan Coronation Street

Last year Kelly shared a private video of Asha (Credit: ITV)

Kelly Neelan is the daughter of loan shark Rick Neelan and his ex-wife Laura, however she is being fostered by Imran Habeeb and Toyah Battersby. She is played by Millie Gibson.

Last year, she discovered Asha Alahan had sent a video of herself stripping to Corey Brent.

After an argument with Asha, Kelly took Corey’s phone and sent the video to all of their peers.

Whilst Kelly has proved to have a nasty side, she has also proved to have a softer side.

Lexi Pearce – EastEnders

Lola and Ben are Lexi’s parents (Credit: BBC)

Lexi is the daughter of Ben Mitchell and Lola Pearce. She is played by actress Isabella Flanagan.

Unlike other soap kids, Lexi is no bully. But she has proved to have a diva side and can often be seen bossing around the adults in her life.

After all, what did you expect from the daughter of Ben Mitchell?

Arthur Thomas – Emmerdale

Arthur bullied Archie Breckle (Credit: ITV)

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Arthur is the son of Laurel Thomas and her late husband Ashley. Arthur is played by Alfie Clarke.

Back in 2019, Arthur Thomas began bullying Archie Breckle, who is the son of his mum Laurel’s boyfriend Jai.

Eventually the truth about the bullying came to light when Arthur admitted to it after the death of his grandfather.

Last year Laurel discovered she was pregnant and that her unborn child had Down’s Syndrome.

Laurel and Jai made the difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy.

After discovering his mum’s choice, Arthur feared it was his previous behaviour that influenced her decision.

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