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Emmerdale: Jonny McPherson reveals Liam would kill Meena if he discovered the truth

Meena killed Leanna earlier this year

Emmerdale star Jonny McPherson has revealed his character Liam would kill Meena if he found out she murdered his daughter Leanna.

Earlier this year, Leanna discovered that Meena had murdered her best friend Nadine.

Although Leanna told Meena she would keep her secret, Meena took no chances and pushed the teenager off a bridge to her death.

Meena killed Leanna (Credit: ITV)

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Leanna’s death was soon ruled an accident by the police.

After Leanna’s death, Liam struggled terribly. However the actor has teased that Liam will kill Meena when the truth comes out.

Emmerdale: Jonny McPherson reveals Liam would kill Meena if he found out the truth

In a recent interview, Jonny talked about upcoming storylines and what would happen if Liam found out the truth.

When asked how Liam would react when he finds out it was Meena who killed Leanna, Jonny said: “I think the red mist will descend and he will feel murderous.”

Jonny revealed Liam would want to kill Meena (Credit: ITV)

When asked if he could be driven to kill for revenge, Jonny continued: “Quite possibly yeah. I think it would take an intervention of some sort for him not to just destroy her.”

Meena’s murders

Last week, Meena killed again taking the life of Andrea Tate.

Originally Meena set off to kill Victoria for ‘stealing’ her boyfriend David.

Meena has killed three people and attempted to kill two more (Credit)

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When Meena found her unconscious, face down in the river after falling down the waterfall and saw the perfect opportunity to drown her and make it seem like an accident.

However Billy managed to save Vic and Andrea saw Meena putting Vic’s head under the water.

Meena went on to murder Andrea and has attempted to kill Priya Sharma while she was unconscious in her hospital bed.

However a nurse came in before Meena had the chance.

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