Emmerdale: Jamie Tate’s behaviour makes a sudden turn, leaving fans confused

Jamie has a lot of enemies in the village

Emmerdale fans were left confused as Jamie Tate’s behaviour made a sudden turn.

When Jamie first came to the village, he was determined to prove he was nothing like his mum, Kim.

But over the last few months Jamie has made quite a few enemies with fellow Emmerdale residents. This includes the Dingle family, his ex-wife Andrea and Will and Dawn Taylor.

As well as trying to frame Belle Dingle for Moira’s hit and run, which Jamie did, he also fired Dawn from her job when she left the village for a few weeks.

Jamie ran over Moira and tried to pin the crime on Belle. But Nate took the blame to protect his aunt (Credit: ITV)

But when she begged for her job back, he made her do a bunch of other horrid jobs around the HOP before giving her her previous job role back.

However over the last few weeks, it seems Jamie’s behaviour has changed.

Emmerdale: Jamie Tate’s change in behaviour

After Jamie discovered Dawn had been doing sex work again, she offered to sleep with him in order for his silence.

He agreed to this. But he also arranged for Dawn’s dad Will to come up to Jamie’s house at the same time, so he would catch them together.

But when Dawn arrived, the two began talking about their children. Jamie soon had a change of heart about sleeping with her.

Jamie tried to set Dawn up. However he changed his mind (Credit: ITV)

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Later, when Will arrived, Dawn realised Jamie tried to set her up and stormed off. But Jamie seemingly felt bad and offered Dawn a work bonus. However she refused to accept it.

Jamie is confusing. One minute he is awful and others he is nice and understanding.

And in last night’s episode (Monday, November 30), Jamie stepped in to help Gabby when Leanna came up to The HOP to give her a hard time.

Jamie defended his new employee Gabby (Credit: ITV)

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However viewers have been left confused as to why Jamie has suddenly started being nice to people, after months of being cruel and trying to ruin people’s lives.

Did Jamie’s behaviour confuse you?

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