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Emmerdale: Jamie Tate is ALIVE and faked his death, say fans

The vet wanted to escape the village for good

Emmerdale fans are convinced Jamie Tate has faked his own death.

Vet Jamie was seen crashing his car into a lake after attempting to escape the village for a new life far away.

Emmerdale Jamie Tate
Is Jamie Tate alive in Emmerdale? (Credit: ITV)

Why would he fake his death?

Originally he was set to marry pregnant Gabby Thomas.

She had convinced him it was the only way to get him back in the family after his millionaire mum Kim discovered he had been poisoning her.

But instead Jamie chose love and tried to convince ex Dawn Taylor to take him back.

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She rejected him and told him to leave on his own – and be a man for once.

Jamie appeared to follow her advice. But when he tried driving away, he ended up getting distracted by a call from Gabby.

And when he looked up he was about to crash into Chas Dingle’s oncoming car.

The vet swerved at the last minute and crashed through fences and a field before landing his car in a lake.

While Chas tried to recover from her shock, she called for help with ambulance, police and fire arriving soon after.

And when they called Kim with the news she dropped her bravado about Jamie being dead to her – and raced to the scene.

She and Gabby refused to leave as specialist divers went under to recover Jamie’s body and car.

“If anyone could have gotten out…” Kim told Gabby.

However, the police then brought in a large crane to hoist the car out of the water.

An officer told them: “Honestly ladies you don’t want to watch this.

“Please look away, please.”

Jamie Tate accident Emmerdale
However, Jamie Tate was not found in the wreckage (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans are sure Jamie Tate is alive

But they insisted on watching and they got a shock when the car was dredged up – with no body with it.

Now Emmerdale fans are convinced Jamie faked his death to get revenge on his mum.

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One said: “Jamie playing Kim at her own game because she faked her death and that’s what he’s doing by ‘driving’ into the water… dude ain’t dead, #Emmerdale”

A second said: “Jamie has faked his own death – it’s a classic storyline….#emmerdale”

Meanwhile, a third added: “@emmerdale Jamie faked his own death.”

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