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Emmerdale: Is Kim Tate right about Jamie being alive? 5 theories to consider!

What happened to Jamie?

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In this week’s Emmerdale the village became suspicious over whether Jamie Tate has actually died, after his car plunged into the lake.

Police retrieved the vehicle but failed to find a body and, while the villagers initially accepted his death, not evidence is suggesting he could have faked the whole thing.

In last Thursday’s episodes, Jamie was apparently going to elope with baby mamma Gabby to get married.

But he made a last-ditch attempt to convince ex Dawn to run away with him and start a new life together.

However, Dawn couldn’t forgive him for trying to poison his mother.

Next we saw him driving along as Gabby, unaware of his other plans to escape with Dawn, waited for Jamie on a country road to collect her.

When he didn’t turn up she called him – and viewers saw him take his eyes off the road to look at his phone.

Jamie crashed his car into a lake (Credit: ITV)

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He swerved to avoid driving into another car  nearly crashed into Chas and ended up driving through a fence and into a lake.

In last Friday’s episode Jamie’s car was taken out of the lake, but his body wasn’t inside.

Kim, Dawn, Andrea and Gabby all went into mourning, but now there are clues that Jamie isn’t dead.

Firstly, Kim received flowers marked with ‘J x’ and she is absolutely convinced they are from her son.

Secondly, Dawn revealed that Jamie actually planned to flee Kim and Gabby to start a new life.

Thirdly, Paddy revealed that on the day Jamie vanished/’died’, a huge amount of money was taken from the veterinary business account…

He very clearly had the means and motive… what are the possibilities?

1. Emmerdale: Jamie has faked his death

The first theory is that Jamie has faked his own death. The crash may’ve been unintentional, however there is a chance Jamie escaped the car and got out of the lake before Chas saw the wreckage.

Given that he didn’t want to marry Gabby and felt trapped as she’s pregnant, he could have seen it as a golden opportunity to disappear and fake his death.

2. Emmerdale: Jamie has run away and Dawn will follow

Jamie wanted to get back with Dawn (Credit: ITV)

Jamie loved Dawn, that was clear as he begged her for another chance and a new life away from everyone.

Is there a chance he crashed into the lake on purpose and is hoping that Dawn will see how serious he is and secretly join him?

3. He’s crashed on purpose for financial gain – and Gabby is in on it

We know Gabby and Jamie planned to marry for financial gain.

Is there a chance that Gabby and Jamie secretly plotted for him to fake his death after Diane and Kim found our their marriage plans in the hopes of getting life insurance money?

Gabby is a world-class actress if she IS in on this, but stranger things have happened.

4. He’s just wanted to give Kim a taste of her own medicine

Could Jamie be trying to get revenge on Kim? (Credit: ITV)

Just a few months ago Kim faked her own death to get back at Jamie for spiking her brandy.

When Kim found out, she tricked Jamie into thinking she had died from the brandy.

She later came back, revealing she faked her death and knew it was him spiking her the whole time.

She then kicked him out of Home Farm and disowned him – is this his final act of revenge before abandoning her forever.

Ironically, now Kim is convinced he IS still alive, she’s never seemed prouder, as he’s pulled off an apparently huge scam by himself.

5. Jamie is actually dead

Another theory which could quite possibly be true is that Jamie is actually dead!

He crashed into the lake and it didn’t look like he resurfaced. Although his body wasn’t in the car when it was pulled out of the lake, there is a chance his body could be at the bottom of the lake.

And the false hope/uncertainty on Kim’s part could drive her mad and lead to her ultimate unravelling!

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