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Emmerdale: How did Leanna die? What is actress Mimi Slinger up to now?

It has been a year since Leanna was murdered

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It was a year ago today (July 7 2022) that Emmerdale teen Leanna Cavanagh died.

The young woman was brutally murdered on her 18th birthday.

But who killed her and what has actress Mimi Slinger been up to since departing the soap?

Mimi played Leanne in Emmerdale for three years (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Who is Leanna Cavanagh? Who played her?

Leanna is the daughter of Liam Cavanagh and his first wife Lara Cavanagh. She was born on July 7 2003.

Lara’s mother died of an anaphylaxis, which is a severe allergic reaction, when Leanna was only five.

Leanna witnessed her mother’s death.

She was also the stepdaughter of Maya Stepney when Maya was married to Liam.

Liam married Leyla Harding last year, making her Leanna’s stepmum.

Leanna was played by actress Mimi Slinger.

Meena murdered Leanna (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: How did Leanna die?

Leanna was very excited to start her adult life and planned to set off travelling shortly after her 18th birthday.

However her life was cut short when she was murdered by villager Meena Jutla.

On the day of Leanna’s 18th she was preparing for her party and Manpreet Sharma, Meena’s older sister, had given her her old rucksack for her travels.

However Manpreet had no idea that Meena had hidden some things in there.

The items included the stolen money from the Pride tin, which Meena stole to frame David’s son Jacob, and Meena’s ‘bits box’ which contained a newspaper clipping about the death of Nadine Butler.

When Meena found out that Manpreet had given the rucksack to Leanna, she rushed to get it back.

Leanna found the pride tin and Meena’s box when looking through the bag and realised Meena set Jacob up.

Emmerdale spoilers Tuesday July 6 - Leanna is shocked when Meena appears
Leanna found out Meena killed Nadine (Credit: ITV)

When Leanna read the article about Nadine, she questioned Meena on why she had it.

Meena told her that Nadine was her best friend that died.

But as Leanna continued to question her, Meena snapped and admitted she killed Nadine.

Meena then proceeded to chase Leanna through a graveyard, but when Leanna hurt her ankle in her heels, Meena caught up to her.

On the footbridge, Meena pushed the teenager over the side and into a shallow stream.

Leanna hit her head on a rock and died.

Meena stole Leanna’s ring, that was given to her by Jacob, before leaving her body.

The next day Bernice Blackstock was out for a walk when she found Leanna’s body.

Meena went to prison for her crimes (Credit: ITV)

What happened to Meena?

Meena went on to kill Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker.

Eventually she was caught and her crimes were exposed.

It was also revealed she murdered her own father, meaning she murdered five people in total.

She was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 75 years, meaning she will never be released.

Mimi is still acting and modelling (Credit: Sue Andrews/SplashNews.com)

What is Mimi Slinger up to?

Mimi played Leanna from 2018 until 2021.

Since leaving the soap, Mimi appears to be focusing on modelling, however it seems she she does have a few acting projects in the works.

She will be appearing in a short film called Path to Ecstasy playing a character called Emma, which is due to be released later this year.

She will also be appearing in TV mini-series Masters of the Air, which will be starring Austin Butler.

Her character is called Sally.

Mimi is in a relationship with singer Harvey Leigh Cantwell, who is well known as Hrvy.

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