Emmerdale: Harriet branded ‘worst vicar’ by fans as she tries to prevent Malone’s body being discovered

Fans aren't impressed!

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Emmerdale fans branded Harriet Finch the ‘worst vicar’ as she’s been trying to prevent DI Malone’s body from being discovered.

Earlier this year, Harriet buried the dodgy detective’s body in the village graveyard after he was killed by Dawn Taylor.

Harriet put Malone’s body in a grave. But recently Jean told Harriet she plans to exhume her father’s body.

However Jean’s father is buried in the same grave that Malone’s body is buried in.

Dawn killed Malone in self-defence (Credit: ITV)

Harriet feared Malone’s body would be found and has desperately tried to stop the exhumation.

In last night’s episode (Tuesday, December 15) Harriet summoned Jean back to the village. She tried to talk about the process of digging up and moving her father’s body.

However Harriet began trying to put Jean off digging up her father’s body by bringing up the cost. She also suggested that she was doing it to make up for the fact she couldn’t attend his funeral.

Harriet tried to convince Jean not to dig up her dad’s grave (Credit: ITV)

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But it became clear Jean was growing frustrated by Harriet’s efforts. She accused he vicar of trying to guilt-trip her.

Fans also weren’t impressed with Harriet. They branded her the ‘worst vicar’.

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Dawn soon spotted Harriet and Jean talking by the grave where Malone is buried. She immediately began to panic.

Harriet and Will managed to convince Dawn that Malone’s body wouldn’t be found.

Later, Harriet told Will that Jean going ahead with the exhumation and wanted it done as quickly as possible.

Will told Harriet they should dig up Malone’s body (Credit: ITV)

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Harriet suggested they let Dawn in on what’s happening. She also said that she take the blame for Malone’s murder.

However Will suggested they move the corrupt copper’s body before the exhumation. But will Harriet go through with it?

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