Emmerdale SPOILERS: Cain makes big romantic gesture to Moira

Cain and Moira recently got back together

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Cain make a big romantic gesture to Moira.

Recently Cain and Moira got back together after being apart for over a year. Although they’ve been tough times in the last year, Cain is soon organising a romantic night for them both.

Emmerdale: Cain’s romantic gesture

Cain suggests to Moira that they start wearing their wedding rings again (Credit: ITV)

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In next week’s scenes Cain organises a romantic night-in for him and Moira. He soon suggests that they begin wearing their wedding rings again.

Emmerdale: Charity and Mack team up

Meanwhile, Chas catches Charity and Moira’s brother Mack stashing stolen goods and immediately regrets telling Noah to patch things up with his mum.

Mack soon tells Moira that he’s leaving town, but Moira offers him a place to stay at Butlers. But when Cain hears Moira’s offer he’s furious.

Moira offers Mack a place to stay (Credit: ITV)

Later, Mack and Charity drive out to the barn where they’ve stashed the stolen goods. They soon begin to flirt and Charity can’t help but feel attracted to him. Can she trust him?

Mack is nearly caught at the barn, where he’s stashing the merchandise, by Moira. But he lies and tells her he’s looking for where Holly is buried, leaving Moira pleased.

Mack and Charity stash stolen goods (Credit: ITV)

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Later Moira is heartened to find Mack looking through the family photo albums. However when old resentments resurface, he storms out, leaving Moira hurt.

Will they ever be able to sort things out?

Charity to ruin Chas and Paddy’s wedding?

Meanwhile, Charity hides her anger after discovering that Ryan has been invited to Chas and Paddy’s wedding.

Full of resentment, she dresses in funeral attire, but what does she have planned?

For Christmas week Emmerdale will air on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm. Christmas Eve will be an hour long special at 6.45 and Christmas Day will also be an hour long episode at 6.30 on ITV.

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