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Emmerdale fans predict new love triangle for Chloe, Noah and Jacob

Chloe and Noah began a secret relationship a few weeks ago

Emmerdale fans have predicted a new love triangle between Chloe Harris, Noah Dingle and Jacob Gallagher.

Recently Chloe moved to the village after being thrown out of her home by her father, who is in prison.

Chloe became sick of her father’s controlling behaviour and asked him to back off, as she wanted a relationship with Noah.

Noah and Chloe had a secret relationship but Kerry has been trying to keep them apart to protect them from Chloe’s dad (Credit: ITV)

Although she thought he understood, he sent his men to Emmerdale with Chloe’s belongings, making it clear she was no longer welcome at home.

Chloe has been living with Kerry, who previously worked for Chloe’s dad and looked out for her while he was in prison. However Kerry has continued to try and keep Chloe and Noah apart.

Emmerdale fans predict new love triangle for Chloe, Noah and Jacob

In Tuesday’s episode (December 14) Noah went into David’s shop and found Chloe in there with Jacob.

Chloe told Noah that Jacob’s friend was DJ-ing at a club and they could sneak him in, but he didn’t seem that interested.

Noah asked what she was doing in the shop and she told him she was shopping.

Fans get the feeling Chloe likes Jacob (Credit: ITV)

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When he asked what for, Jacob told Noah to take a hint and Chloe told him she was getting tampons.

Later in the café, Noah and Chloe went for a drink. When she was in the toilet, Jacob came in and asked if Noah and Chloe wanted to go for a pizza but Noah lied saying Chloe is ill.

Fans are now predicting that there could be a new love triangle with Chloe, Noah and Jacob.

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