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Tuesday 26th May 2020

Emmerdale fans outraged by 'deluded' Maya playing the victim after arrest

She was finally questioned by the police

Fans of Emmerdale got what they really, really wanted last night, when Maya Stepney was FINALLY arrested.

After a year of grooming schoolboy Jacob Gallagher, Maya was reported to the police and taken in for questioning.

Could Emmerdale fans hate Maya any more? Apparently so! (Credit: ITV)

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But viewers' glee soon turned to horror, when the teacher played the victim and tried to turn the tables on Leyla Harding, Priya Kotecha and Tracy Metcalfe instead.

On Tuesday night (May 21), David Metcalfe tricked Maya into meeting him and the pair had a highly-charged conversation about Maya's relationship with David's 16-year-old son.

Little did Maya know that David finally had the evidence he needed to report her to the police after installing spyware software on Jacob's computer.

An angry David confronted Maya (Credit: ITV)

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Branding Maya a paedophile, she defended herself in sickening scenes, saying: "I waited until he was 16, didn't I? I'm not a pervert David, I love him. And he loves me back."

Then she begged David to let her go, promising she would leave Jacob alone.

Maya makes my absolute skin crawl, please lock her up and throw away the key!

She said: "If I get bail, I'll leave with Jacob and you'll never see him again. Let me go now and you'll never see me again."

An incredulous David seethed: "And let you get away with it?"

To which Maya replied: "I already have."

Maya is led away, but will she actually pay for her crimes? (Credit: ITV)

However, in scenes that thrilled viewers who were baying for Maya's blood, the police soon arrived and arrested her.

But their joy was soon replaced by fury as Maya told the cops that the recording of Jacob talking to Liv about his relationship with Maya was a "fantasy" in Jacob's head.

She then told police SHE was the victim, and accused Leyla, Priya and Tracy of assaulting and kidnaping her.

She said: "I thought they were going to kill me. I was scared for my life. They are the people you should be arresting. Not me."

Maya continued her twisted games with the police (Credit: ITV)

Breaking down, Maya cried: "Why aren’t you listening to me? I am the victim here."

In a shocking turn of events, the three women were ALSO arrested and bought in for questioning.

Even more disturbing, Jacob stood by Maya - and claimed everything Maya was saying was true.

Those watching from home were horrified as Maya played the victim, with one tweeting: "Total psychopath! The police interview had me shouting liar at the TV!

"I am not sure she will be prosecuted, [she's] so manipulative. Think the girls are in for a hard time for dumping her in the woods."

Another said: "OMG she's talking her way round the police now. Please let her get charged."

A third added: "Of course, you are a victim in your dreams #Maya and getting away with it probably for years after years. #Emmerdale."

"You wicked woman," blasted another.

Future episodes will show the fallout from the arrests, with actor Matthew Wolfenden teasing that the storyline isn't  over yet.

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